Truck driver dies on the wheel

This driver should be feted as a hero, he managed to stop the behemoth on time averting loss of life and destruction to property.
Panic as man dies while driving a trailer along Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road
By Antony Gitonga Wednesday, May 10th 2017 at 07:50
There was a moment of panic after the driver of a trailer collapsed and died as he drove along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu highway.
Felix Oduor, an eyewitness, said he saw the vehicle weave from side to side before coming to a stop in the middle of the road.
The 63-year-old driver was ferrying goods to Kisumu from Nairobi.
“The driver appeared to be sleeping behind the wheel and we informed the police. But the officers told us the man was dead,” he said.
The incident near Kihoto village about two kilometres from Naivasha town, caused a heavy traffic snarl-up.
Police notified the driver’s employer. A source said the man had been ailing for some time.
Another worker from the company came and drove the truck to the Naivasha Police Station.
“The worker told us that the driver had called him shortly before he died, saying he was feeling unwell and could not continue with the journey,” said a policeman.

Ni ugonjwa gani hiyo iko na pupa ya kumurder victim plus a lot others?

A bus driver who died under the same circumstances had a road named after him, theres a video on YouTube as the bus had CCTV, jamaa hadi handbrake alivuta alafu akadedi.
@Ice_Cube Saidia wrink


Waaah, pole kwa familia zao. This should be featured on the twilight zone!

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Pole kwa familia. Though this leaves very many questions

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Thanks lakini sio hii, kuna ingine as he was driving ile gari iko mbele ikalusha jiwe na rear wheels ikavunja windscreen ikaumiza deree vibaya


Kama gani?

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I have seen it, wacha nitafute…


eeh noma sana sikuwa nimewahi icheki

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Dying on camera, na abiria hawana Habari
Guy was feted in his home

Years back there’s a Route 46 mat whose driver got an epileptic fit going down Valley Road.
A passenger in front ndiye aliokolea.


Like why didn’t he park the vehicle when he started feeling unwell?
Why did his employer let him go to the roads yet he had indicated he was unwell?
what circumstances forced him to take to the wheel yet he was unwell… terms of service

All in all… apumzike salama. Ametutangulia mbele ya haki


i remember this story. luckily the passenger acted quickly.

so vile mi hupenda kukalia seat ya mbele, siku moja nawesa kuwa national hero? halafu nipate Mutiso superhighway named after me


Cosmas wewe labda watu wa name cul de sac after you.
Bure kabisa.