Truck business

Is there a company that accepts trucks leased to them and what are the normal prevailing terms.

talk to NRB bottlers, half of their 10 wheelers are leased and all the 24 wheelers are leased, dont know the exact rates but i hear they are good

PS. dont give out your 24 wheeler to this transit guys


Thank you very much! I will contact them

Any outsourced service means it’s a burden to the company. Eg at my place of work we outsource pick ups at 80K per month. Good money right? Piga hesabu Dmax ya 3.1M inajiita lini. The company fuels and services the vehicle. The lifespan of this vehicles is 4 yrs. Zinachapishwa job proper. None of the staff has dared lease their vehicles.
In short it’s a risky business



leasing is a very tricky business, that’s why i only recommended him to go to NBL because the toll on the trucks is not that bad (based on distances and round trips required), and one of the most important aspects i like about them is they allow you a driver of your own choosing, so you can get a sane guy. leasing out a 24 wheeler for transit business is a completely bad idea, i know several places but those guys dont even do any major service to their own inhouse fleet, they only do minor service, run down the trucks for maximum round trips and discard it


Not to be pendantic but the trucks in Kenya are maximum 22 wheeler expect for the ones that carry special cargo…

I was considering for some fairly used truck i recently acquired at a throw away price. Its a small truck though compared to what i think you are offering. If you pick them share the experience here we get informed.


If you’ve one truck its very difficult to get a contract with this big organisation.I am in this biz and I know the challenges I face daily.Best is team up with other people with similar trucks and approach them as a single entity.


as per industry standards, they are called 24 wheelers, the two spare tyres are normally counted in the mix, below is how they are mapped :smiley:


Hata usijaribu kuenda Nairobi Bottlers, they have very corrupt transport managers, wh per trip wanataka wakule like 10k, unabaki tu na ya fuel and about 10k per trip, dont forget you will have to queue to load and offload crates, so in a nutshell ni kazi mbaya. But if the transport managers at their Embakasi anda Umoja depots were replaced, maybe things did change.
Try Bollore Logistics, DHL or Transami

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Why shouldnt we lease out the 24 wheelers

if this used to happen then things are really different now, i can vouch for them. maybe your source went through middle men, go straight to the logistics manager, his name is richard

What about smaller trucks like fh, hino & frr??
I’m planning to get one there’s a guy I know who freelances and seems to be doing well but I think a contract would be better

Do you know him personally coz I am also very interested.Infact my truck is usually subcontracted to carry sodas from there and considering how much I am paid its not a bad job.

contact metro logistics and bollore

I won’t deny nor confirm whether I know him personally. But i can guarantee you that if you take it up with him or Evans M. All will be sorted

Ukitaka kupata heart attack,diabetes na BP haraka anza hii job. Utakua unaona simu ya dereva roho inaanza kukimbia


lete tuibebeshe mawe na mchanga,a lorry load of maai mahiu sand is 16000,you use maybe 5000 for buying the sand and other things,unaweza wachwa na kitu 10k per trip


I can absolutely relate to this. :(:mad: