Troubled Harun Ndubi Deserves A Go-Fund Me Page...


With the Covid-19 pandemic biting the pockets of Kenyans, known city lawyer Harun Ndubi is a troubled man.


Mr. Ndubi is facing eviction by his landlord having accumulated Sh 414,715 since March over Covid-19 pandemic.

The lawyer has filed a certificate of urgency at the High Court where he is sought orders to prohibit his landlord from evicting him.
In the application, the lawyer wants the Young Muslim Association, Good Living Properties Consultancy, and Benwill Auctioneer from evicting
or distressing him for rent areas by away of attaching household goods or other property owned or contained in his house at Apartment 8 Yam Kirichwa Road.

The petition filed in court reads:

“The court do issue a conservatory, injunction or temporarily prohibiting Benwill Auctioneer, Young Muslim Association and Good living Properties consultancy from evicting or distressing for rent areas by away of attaching the household goods of the applicant’s pending hearing and determination of the petition”.

He filed through his lawyers John Khaminwa and Shadrack Wambui, where he also wants them restrained from disconnecting the water or electricity or preventing him from enjoying the quiet possession of his rented house.

According to the documents, Mr. Ndubi, had received a 14-day notice of proclamation of his households from Benwill Auctioneer for the recovery of the alleged outstanding rent arrears of Sh414,715.
He indicated that since March, he has been unable to settle his bills.

This the lawyers indicated that Bruno would be distressed if he is evicted as he is supposed to work from home.

Would you feel sorry for evicting this man from a rented house? What else is he waiting for to build his own bedsitter?

Brownskin alisema hapa it is economically prudent to rent as opposed to owning. Ndubi may have used the same concept.

Now you can see the results. It may be very expensive to build your pigstay but the peace that comes with it is priceless.

@Azor Ahai uko wapi na ile umeffi yako ya kuishi a rented house??

KlPll usiniite threads za ufala. I am not your grandmother.

Ghasia sasa ukishikwa unataka kuruka?

This will be m2random’s predicament in a few years

Aweke paybill Number, that guy was my executive director, in a human rights organisation some years back.


Pandemic imeaffect kila msee. Probably alikuwa amezoea life expensive. Ni Nairobi na rent ni higher (probably) compared to other places. Anaweza kubali life more affordable?

My question is, why would such a man be living in a rented house at his age?

Brown skin husemanga ukweli but hapo alinoa nunge.

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Hivo ndivyo ulifanya wakati ulizaliwa kwa choo za kanjo pale Archives ama…

Ndubi awache tu chronic alcoholism atakua poa

No huyu shida yake si Covid. Huyu jamaa ni mlevi chakari. He’s an alcoholic who lives large but lately amewachilia kazi yake.

His numerous DUIs are well documented and in fact ako na kesi ya DUI as we speak.
Ahame his 90k a month house akaishi na peasants wenzake Umoja.

Is his alcoholism as a result of income distress or the other way round?.. mbona wakenya mnapenda kushambulia walevi hivi… :D:D:D
huko umoja si mtauliza mbona mzee kama huyu bado anaishi umoja?..

If I may ask, how much was his salary in that organisation?

Around 240k back then.

It comes with the territory. Shady deals are made in bars and nightclubs, you kind of have to be a hard drinker if you are a hotshot in the judiciary. But you could say this about any public office in Kenya. Your conscience also gets to you over time. Unakula pesa ya ufisadi knowing millions of innocent people will suffer for your greed. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the likes of Muturi, Nyakundi, Ombeta, Ndubi, Kilonzo Jnr. etc are known drunks? Even Maraga is a (supposedly) reformed alcoholic.