Trouble in paradise.

@Kilpatrick @Charley Flani si niliwaambia mbegu ya democracy imepandwa na inaendelea kumea pole pole. They were shouting, “down with the tsar.”

[SIZE=7]Putin Navalny: Opposition leader held at Moscow protest[/SIZE]
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Media captionPolice seize the opposition leader at a rally in Moscow
Riot police have seized Russia’s most prominent opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, at a Moscow rally two days before Vladimir Putin’s inauguration.
He was carried away struggling through the crowd of demonstrators, who had gathered to protest at Mr Putin’s forthcoming fourth term in office.
The rallies in Moscow and Russia’s second city, St Petersburg, were not approved by the authorities.
At least 1,000 arrests were reportedly made at rallies across Russia.
Protesters on Moscow’s Pushkin Square shouted slogans such as “Down with the tsar!” - “tsar” was the historical title of Russia’s pre-revolutionary emperors - and “Russia without Putin!”. In St Petersburg, Russia’s second city, they shouted “Jail the tsar!”.
Activists have been using a Russian hash tag on Twitter which translates as “He’s not our tsar”.
The pro-Kremlin National Liberation Movement held a rival rally at the same location in Moscow.
[li]Alexei Navalny: Russia’s vociferous Putin critic[/li][li]Does Putin’s Russia reject the West?[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=6]Who is Navalny?[/SIZE]
The long-time anti-corruption campaigner is not an elected politician but has led protests against the rule of Mr Putin and his allies since the parliamentary election of 2011. copyrightAFPImage captionProtesters gathered at the Pushkin monument in Moscow
He was barred from running for president against Mr Putin this year because of a conviction for embezzlement, which he denies, saying the case against him was politically motivated.
He has been arrested at protests on numerous occasions before, and is typically held for a few weeks before being released.
Reports say he was forced to stay at a secret location on Friday night in order to make it to the Moscow rally at all.
When the Moscow city authorities warned people of possible “negative consequences” of taking part in unsanctioned rallies on Saturday, Mr Navalny tweeted back: “And I would like to warn everyone of the negative consequences of non-participation in the rallies.”
“If you stay at home, Putin’s gang will tear the country apart and deprive you personally of a future,” he said.
[SIZE=6]Why are there protests?[/SIZE]
Mr Putin was re-elected president with more than 76% of the vote, his best ever election performance.
He has effectively ruled Russia since 2000, including a period of four years when he served as prime minister (2008-12). Presidents elected in other countries normally serve a maximum of two terms.
Anger at Mr Putin’s long hold on power has been compounded by allegations of ballot-rigging at the last and previous presidential elections
Widespread irregularities were reported by some international observers at the election in March.
[li]Putin rival barred from Russian election[/li][li]Putin basks in election he could not lose[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=6]How big are Saturday’s rallies?[/SIZE]
According to OVD-Info, a website which monitors arrests, 1,029 arrests were made in 19 cities across Russia, nearly half of them in Moscow.
There was some confusion about numbers with one opposition source talking of 50 arrests at an unapproved rally in Krasnoyarsk, western Siberia, and another of “at least 10” while OVD-Info counted 35 in the same city.
Turnout at the rally in the Russian capital was about 1,500, according to police, but Reuters news agency estimated there were “several thousand” people at the event.
In a tweet, the mayor of Yekaterinburg, Yevgeny Roizman, estimated a turnout of at least 5,000 in the Urals city.
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There are fears that protests could

Putin has singel handedly restored Russia from chaos after soviet collapse.

The rioters must be western funded

putin alowatolea shati in 2009 na akapanda farasi and you all fell in love with the image…
The image of a super all man, who gets things done. Even Americans like filmmaker oliver stone couldn’t help himself. But that image was thoroughly planned. Putin is extremely good at propaganda. I think it’s his kgb background. He’s practically almost single handedly taken over the news, twisting stories how he deems fit to project whatever image he wants both at home and abroad. But the truth is, he’s just another corrupt dictator with serious plans to expand his territory through whichever means.

We need to introduce that form of governance here in Kenya. Kamwana should take a break of 4 years when he will be serving the prime minister’s post the take up the mantle once more as a president. Kitaeleweka.

I see you are informed. Explain his ratings in russia?

So in other words tuendelee na wizi na poor delivery. Kwanza Uhuru is Putin’s best student. Even his campaign strategies are Putinistic. He’s copying that play book page by page, word for word.

He started by projecting the image of kijana ya watu. Raiya wa kawaida. I smile easily see, mimi ni wenyu. Sio mimi niliiba ni baba yangu na mimi sikuwa hizo siku? Nifanye aje? Na by the way kila mtu ana dhambi… mimi nilikuta imefanyika…

Next after he got the job: Uchafu sio mimi ni kidero amekataa kuokota. Wizi sio mimi ni judges hawafanyi kazi yao. Nifanye aje? Ni nini sijafanya? Hii katiba inanizuia.

And like Putin pretend to promote democracy by talking directly to the voter in fake question and answer sessions while in fact you want more entrenched power. Putin does it on heavily staged tv shows. Uhuru does it on radio shows and that facebook session he held recently. Or talking to Kanze Dena about nonsense. No questions raised about trash or corruption. As you determinedly trash the constitution ati it’s constraining you, as you try to figure out new ways to continue leading. Putin 101.

Na kikiumana zaidi just do like Putin, waletee Sochi ama world cup SPECTACLE THAT ADDS NOTHING!

In uhuru’s case ni kutuletea pope, obama or the recent IAAF athletics smack bang before an election and right afeter shocking party nomination results. We the voting idiots will forget everything until the next scandal of course. Repeat and play again.

In Russia after hawa protesters wameona Messi rife rife na masho akicheza in the new world cup stadiums built very controversially of course,… wakisha ona Messi and Ronaldo all will be forgiven. Until the next scandal of course. Repeat and play again.

Uhuru sasa analeta the biggest meeting of sijui world business leaders next year niliskia Ruto akisema juzi taking over the mantle of repeat and play again. It’s absolute rubbish. just waste of money. A kawaida raiya will gain nothing from that meeting. But the TV coverage will convince you, Uhuru aendelee na kazi apewe hii prime minister.

And its not just happening in Kenya. it’s a noted trend to continue ruling for many years.

like I’ve told shotwaya above, waletee Sochi ama world cup uone ratings vile zitaenda juu. Or invade a nearby nation to project how you love mother Russia and will protect her by any means. And use the media to project yourself as the most powerful man on earth on a mission to restore Russia’s lost glory from western world demons. Ratings will soar like never before. And make sure the media you control e.g. RT news keep singing that song on ratings kila siku, hata kama uko 30% isemekane uko 75%. I mean, media ni yako anyway…

Meanwhile huku chini ya maji umepewa free pass, iba kabisa kabisa bila huruma. Na ujaze your best friends in the most powerful positions… sio kamwana, wink wink. Hii kiti ni yenyu for life. I hear Putin is also the richest man in the world now after the fall of Gaddafi. With a net worth anywhere between 150 billion and 200 billion dollars. Almost 3 times Bill Gates. Huyo mtamtoa aje sasa? Ni nini au ni nani hawezi nunua?

You did well for yourself, Mr Putin. And to think it all started with a simple childhood dream to become James Bond.

but you can fool the people now but not forever. si utazeeka tu kama Gaddafi ama Mubarak Hosni…

I mean you won’t ride horses bareback forever. And from what I’ve seen, those billions won’t protect you much when the day comes. Gaddafi even had 100% solid gold guns, not gilded or covered in gold leaf, 100% solid gold guns hundreds of them… zilikuwa wapi akifirwa kwa desert? What of all the bodyguards? The curse of the dictator.

Na yeye Hussein Sadam alipatwa kwa shimo. A man who built himself a hundred palaces. One of his palaces occupied 32 square kilometers of land… gold and marble everywhere… na unatolewa kwa shimo kama termite ama fuko.

Valid. Who will attack russia tho?

you don’t have to be attacked by outside forces. Si hata hapa Kenya Moi finally alitoka tu. Mugabe si ametoka pia. In Egypt si Mubarak alitoka tu though less bloody than Syria. Yule jamaa wa shades pale Gambia Yahya Jameh si alitoka pia bila bloodshed. yake ilikuwa accident or stupidity whichever way you look at it.

Shida ni ati in many cases lazima mngojee nugu izeeke ikuwe weak and almost disabled ndio muitoe. Ama mngojee akufe kama Mobutu or many west African countries although the outcome could be worse. Kungoja nayo mtangoja lakini.

Ug sijui ni siku gani. Hazeeki bana.

hehe kweli. Ipo siku

CIA instigated and funded demonstrations and opposition.

The motherland is NOT Ukraine. No orange revolution in Russia.

If anything I think a better guess is that navalny is kgb or whatever it’s called nowadays. Simply because he’s still alive and also not in prison. Maybe just put there to test waters or something. How he’s been tolerated this long is a mystery.

Russia is home to the espionage and spies in the world.

I have a feeling hes FSB or KGB. Out to smoke out persons financed to sow turmoil in Russia by uncle sam