Troll Face

There was drama in Kisii county when residents of Kegogi market woke up to find newly built Jubilee offices smeared with human waste.
This is @Eng’iti s village :@ :@ [ATTACH=full]74255[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]74256[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]74257[/ATTACH]



That explains everything meffi about you

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Si lazima upost thread ka huna kitu cha maana kusema

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bingwa wewe na unyanya yako umewai post kitu ya maana chieth na utoe hio avatar ya shetani

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[SIZE=6]NSA Watchlist[/SIZE] CYBERZEIST2 DEC 20TH, 2016 (EDITED) 6,371 NEVER

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[li]USA might be releasing the list of entities on its watch-list but that disclosure will be highly redacted. Here is partial list of IP addresses that are still on their watch-list which may or may not be released in general. I am releasing the list “As-is”. I haven’t tried to trace the IPs to their destination. This list contains close to 12K IPs which is just a small part of what I got hold of. Wikileaks won’t accept it as it is not a document/email leak. I am under heavy scrutiny due to few election and bank hacks, so you won’t find me on twitter till the matter cools down or I am able to change my real identity.[/li]
[li]I am currently publishing this list while I am on the move, rest list of IPs will be disclosed as soon as I land. I know many people won’t be concerned about this release but some people on my followers list and also in this irc will get the point.[/li]
[li]Link - [/li]
[li]I will republish the links if it gets deleted![/li]
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Bingwa habari

Mkundu wazi wewe

Mkundu wazi waarabu wamekuingia

Kaulize mamako aweza kua tuliingiwa na yeye


bingwa kafiri


Omogaka Matundura lazima alaani hio watu…calling omogaka


Yaa Uyu mtu wenyu wa jubilee Jimmy Angwenyi tunamtupa nje next year

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Yaani Matiang’i ako kazi na Magara alipata nyama alafu mutufanye hivo. Kwanza the grandson ofbthe great Nyandusi tunaingisha kwa county

Sadly Jubilee has lost Ground in Kisii.
Nyandusi family is highly disregarded these days… Grandson who was in CIC wants to run for gubernatorial seat but he knows all is lost.


These big families should be done away with. After 2017 tumalize Odinga and Kenyatta na mudavadi, moi etc from politics.
Yaani Magara anasukumiwa nyama na bado apana tambua?


Sone of these staunch SDA’s are difficult to deal with especially ikifika corruption.
Cheki Matiangi vile ana peleeka mraia mbio



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