Trilingual - Kenyans

This is not a small feat. Most Kenyans speak three languages. Kiswahili, English n mother tongue plus now sheng which is an added advantage.
This shows that wakenya wako sawa sana ubongo. Unlike other folks in the world

most can’t speak any of them fluently.

Ongeza French, Spanish, Mandarin

Fluency at most ni mbili, hizo zingine ni direct translation. Alafu consider our languages aren’t that vocabulary dense so we tend to talk while mixing with the more developed languages.

The worst are the Americans and the English. They expect everyone to learn their language and they rarely bother to learn a second language.

Cha muhimu niki ingia Australia ama Scotland nita weza itasha pussy bila kuuma uliimi

:D:D Kweli, kupewa haihitaji kujua language. Nishawahi kula kitu safi kule Yurop. Smile na few words inaweza. Kwanza ukiitisha direct.

it’s funny you think english is an advanced langauge… african languages are broader than you think …hii brainwashing itakumalisa

It has an advanced vocabulary so sijui una bishana nini

Due to imperialism many words were poached from other languages thus advancing its vocabulary. For example Safari and boma are swahili words used everyday by english speaking people.

Dr Ummar Johnson anasemanga aje kuhusu African language?

Even without those african or asian loan words, English bado iko na advanced vocab borrowed from latin and french. Whether it borrows is’n’t the point because all languages do that.

My sister is fluent in Kinyore,kisa, maragoli, kisii, kikuyu, luo, nandi, kiganda, teso, French, English and kiswahili.
My wife is fluent in tswana, shona, ndebele, kalanga, xhosa, afrikaans, kiswahili, English and now learning kinyore thanks to my son.
Oh and my sister scored straight As in kiswahili, English and french but got a strong E in maths and chem…you can’t have it all.

Anglos wako sawa.They are reaping the benefits of being tech, economic and cultural super powers. Learn their language and do business with them or disappear into oblivion.
We are probably from the same village but here we are having a conversation in a foreign language:D:D:D. Africans tuko na mchezo

@Muthafari , atleast you know who dr umar johnson is…

alafu the fact that english borrows from other languages should tell you it’s 'deficient ’ … english is a very young language , it doest fully encompass all forms of human expression…

tuacheni kuwa brainwashed… decolonise your sick minds

Did you know that both don’t understand each others’ english despite each claiming that theirs’ the proper one?
English is germanic and latin, so, who owns english?

Mimi nko fluent kwa Swahili, Sheng (sio hii ya mbogi geje), Kilingala na Kiarabe. Kilami na Kisapere bado na struggle nazo. Sijui nkae pande gani.

Americans are a funny bunch. They are offended when someone speaks a foreign language in America. They expect you to speak English when in America. The same Americans also expect someone in rural Colombia to speak English. They feel offended when people in foreign land cant speak English. Crappy Americans

Actually, when it comes to learning other languages, I can hardly find a really good teacher. I’m not sure that many of those that I came across really love their work and profession. I know that a good teacher can be found at and I always try to choose native speakers to study foreign languages.

Mimi najua hii ya shiny eye fluently plus Swahili but osungu imejaa tu kwa kichwa but kuongea ulimi inafanya ile kitu :D… bearing in mind I have always been a straight A in English since kindergarten… knowing it in paper but spoken…