Tricky sana

Habari ya Jumapili wadau? Mnakumbuka Ile story ya Jana ya ruracio, vile Warigia alikuja kulipiwa mahari. Sasa Leo nikiwa tu ziarani za mtaa tumekutana Mimi tu na yeye. We greeted each other and then started talking. I asked her if she is available I take her out for a drink. She said she had some chores at home and it was not possible today. However she promised to show up any place next weekend. I just have to say where. Naona mambo ikiwa magumu sasa hapa.

Mzee mzima na kitambi yako unakaa chini kuandika tu upuzi.


Nûgû wewe!




THREAD CLOSED[SIZE=2] mercilessly[/SIZE]


I have found one of the threads Shifo.
Okii my 2 naira is…you had decamped in your shags as you knew this was happening…alafu you waylaid her by parking your car around. Everyone incl Warigia knew you were around from the city of plennnny…NBO. All so exciting to a male [SIZE=1]neeeding some ego boost kikiki[/SIZE]

NOW THE DANGER ZONE is YOU want to meet her again…
All planned up by you…GHAI…

No my dear Shosh. It was all a matter of coincidence. Knowing about her ruracio and bumping into her accidentally.

BRB when I get the original thread.

I have tagged you in the earlier one.