Trickle down.

Much of the bad behaviours we see have their origin in how someone was raised, the values they were taught etc. Hii tabia mbovu is passed downward. Kids get it from they who raise them, and so on. It comes back to those people who call themselves community elders or “wakuru”. Wakuru are nothing but human sewage. Wakuru ni mbwa, taka taka, ghasia. Bad behaviour has been so common that terrible habits are dismissed as “hivyo ndivyo wanaume hufanya.”
Truth is we’ve been raised by dishonourable, immoral and cowardly people that we now normalize bad habits and behaviour.

Change ‘we’ to ‘I’.

hope you had a good christmas man, and learn to let go of the past, otherwise it will just eat you up and destroy you from the inside!

since umeingiza hii topic,kwanini watoto wa mapastor ndio wanakuaga wakinyandua na kunyanduliwa ovyo ovyo? [SIZE=1]asking for the Kyuna’s[/SIZE]