Tribe stereotypes and character

For me I have found that I attract Kikuyus and kambas effortlessly and they make up 95% of women I’ve been with (excluding lanyes). I love luo women because they fit my type (relatively tall, nice ass, dark etc) but I’ve never hit one. It’s like kuna initial attraction on both sides and then nothing happens afterwards like umeingia friendzone.
Based on my personality, I think Kikuyu and kamba women see me as “alpha” because I’m comfortable in my own skin and ambitious. Luo women view me as soft/beta because I’m very polite and treat people how I want to be treated.

Now back to the question. Do you guys have such huge discrepancies in the women you fuck? Like unapata tribes flani stuff just doesn’t work out

Luo women look like fish wakizeeka. Sasa hizi ndio vitu unataka?



Tufunge thread ama?

Ukule wasapere pekee uwache kutusumbua na umeffi

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i was asking myself this question leo. I attract kisii women alot, ata leo kuna thick lady flani wa G4S nimetongoza, only to find out she is kisii. Sijui mbona

I am an equal opportunity fucker. Bad hole is of snake.

Kisii women are naturally attracted to me , dem mkisii akiniona lazima aanze kunirushia hints na namkula same day

Mimi I attract Kambodian sana. Shida my mom warned me against marrying one.

Hujawafanyia poa:D

Niliambiwa same na my older cousins. Understandable since the last one I dated aliarua sheets na books zangu

We ni vile umesample kila tribe so huwezi relate

Mimi na sisterz wa @Jimit na @uwesmake