Tribal Post Alert: Watu Wa Lakeside how does this happen??

[SIZE=7]What Sharon Otieno told her mum in a dream[/SIZE]

Melida Auma claims Sharon appeared to her in a dream and revealed the person who sent her to the grave.

The mother of four told The Nairobian how she had a conversation with Sharon through the dream in which she received her warmly but she was shortly disappointed when when Sharon told her that she was going back to where she came from.

But not before mentioning the name of the person who killed her and the manner in which the heinous act was committed.

“Sharon came to me through a dream. Our discussion was mainly cantered on the person who caused her death,” recalled Melida, sorrow written all over her face.

Melida, however, is hesitant to mention the name of the killer “because police are conducting investigations into the matter. I assure you that I know the person who killed my daughter.”

She added that Sharon’s ghost will forever haunt those involved in her death.

“Sharon is dead but her eyes are alert. The dream informed me that she will haunt everybody who was involved in her murder.”


It seems her weed supplier is supplying her with the most potent variety.

Not another Sharon’s post Obadeering my bundles. We are ferkin’ tired of this shit. We wanna know SANNY’s next target after Taj Mall.



how is that tribal?

Tom Mboya also appeared in my dreams and told me who ordered his assassination. Shortly after, J.M Kariuki yelled the names of his killers from a distance.

Before I woke up from the dream, I saw Msando wearing a printed T-shirt. As you may know already, we can’t read in our dreams, but I guess the names of his killers were printed on the t-shirt.

I won’t mention their names because police are still conducting investigations into the matter. I assure you that I know the people who killed these sons of the soil.

maasai ngombe,sova

Luo people are usually hopelessly possessed with all manner of spirits.

Though I always prefer to reason objectively, let me take this subjectively… On one hand I used to go to church (it’s been a while) and the pastor one day was covering this topic of being visited by the dead and after quoting several scriptures it was concluded that when we die we go into deep slumber and we stop to exist (that’s why every resurrected person in the Bible didn’t narrate on the death experience) & that the dead people one might see are usually evil spirits.

Early this year I read the book of Enoch which for some reason wasn’t included in the regular “protestant Bible” despite the fact that the dude was God’s prophet who was finally taken to heaven. Anyway among other things the book describes where demons were imprisoned, souls of the murdered, souls of the murderers are kept e.t.c. The souls of the murdered cry for justice throughout with their voices reaching heaven while the loudest Enoch heard belonged to Abel (guess that’s why in Genesis God told Cain that Abel’s blood had been crying to him)

Truth is, I don’t know what she saw maybe it was psychological or PTSD or something. Just because we can’t comprehend what she is saying it doesn’t mean she is faking it. THE ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE IS NOT THE EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE.

It’s a universal element of the grieving process.

si apeleke io dream effidense kwa court? She knew what her daughter was doing and she encouraged it. Sijui hawa wazazi negligent watahurumiwa hadi lini. apambane na hali yake

:smiley: I would like to try that


Ata mimi ndio nashangaa haina tribalism mahali popote. It’s just a poorly written piece

Ulipata ile chicken soup nilituma?

leo SANY ilikuwa kyangombe. @MMNN ulipata picha?

Was also wondering

Meanwhile I’ll be going back to sleep.Tom Mboya ananisumbua anataka nirudi online…

There is a program that used to be aired in Fox Life called SPIRITS and one of the guests to that show was Eric Wainana though the psychic was SOuth African. from it I came to learn that your dead relatives are always with us.