Tribal influence on bedroom matters...Kali sana

[SIZE=7]Kenyan tribes whose men are poor in bed[/SIZE]
We cannot exactly say what causes some men from popular tribes to be poor in bed, but truth be told, several women are complaining their men are extremely weak in bed.
Research conducted among popular tribes show that the following men are not good enough for our Kenyan women

Apart from having a swag, Luo men score highly when it comes to being weak in bed.

Several of our women complain that they resort to cheating after realizing their men can’t satisfy them.
“I have been married to a Luo man for the last 10 years, but I can assure you am starving”. The man can stay for a month without sleeping on me but when he does, three minutes are enough for him. He leaves me even more starved”, complains Atieno

The Kamba men are very good in talking-they can talk and talk, but when it comes to bedroom matters, all they know is inserting and removing. He is called a one-minute-man simply because he has no muscles to make a lady scream

Most Kikuyu men are regarded as poor, and their women always cheat to have some satisfaction. It is actually normal for a woman who is married to a Kikuyu man to cheat, not because they have some differences but because the man cannot satisfy his wife.
There are so many factors which contribute to the situation. One of the major factors is alcohol, which can bring devastating effects to a man’s marital life.
Another major cause is because a Kikuyu man has no time for the wife-he is always busy. If he has time, he will be thinking of making money while on top of his wife.

[SIZE=7]Kenyan Tribes With Sweetest Men in Bed[/SIZE]

If you want to have a sweet man in Kenya, marry these men…they are tigers…

Maasai men are ranked the best in regards to bedroom energy. Their strength, energy and masculinity makes them perform exemplary, beating all other men in the country.
Several white women have divorced their husbands just to have a piece of Maasai men.

The main reason why Maasai men tops this list is due to the herbs they take and the fact that they are naturally physically strong.

Kisii men are ranked second, few points below the Maasai.These people are always angry and they often take their anger onto bed which can seriously damage a woman’s bedroom ego by doing what they do best.
A Kisii man loves food, and it’s evident his mouth is always munching. This same food is the main contributor to their energy in bed.

Luhya Men
Luhya men are also not left behind. For heaven’s sake, if you look at a Luhya man, the way he is cleverly curved and how he walks, you could tell this man is no joke in bed.
Luhyas love good which translates to bedroom energy and physical strength, making him among the favourites in women’s radar.

Somali men
Yes you can look at a Somali man and say, ”oh how thin”, but let me tell you, this man has reserved energy for you and when he will do his job you won’t believe the energy he will unleash.
It is written that a Somali man must marry more than two women so as to satisfy his every demanding ninii.

Kalenjin men
Kalenjin men completes the list of top performers in Kenya. These men do it as if they are running a Chicago Marathon.He will do and do and do until you say “stop or I die”

[SIZE=7]Kenyan Tribes With Sweetest Women in Bed[/SIZE]

Some women from marked tribes in Kenya, would hold you tight, raise themselves up and give you as you say, oh my goodness, sooo sweet, thank you God. Sweet women in bed are rare to find but in the process of searching for one, don’t overlook these tribes.
Kamba women are blessed with sweet and tight thing. They not only are sweet,they also have looks.
If you aren’t a strong man,you won’t manage the appetite of a Kamba woman.
2. Luo
A Luo lady would shake the madiaba, squeeze your thing in between her hot thighs and ensure your pot is completely emptied. If you make a mistake of dating a Luo lady, you won’t look back.

3. Luhya
Even before you take her to bed, you will clearly see she is edible. A Luhya woman would completely disorganize your thinking, making you a zombie while on the game. Everything she says would attract a yes from your side.
4. Taita
Taita women are never left behind in matters to do with our main subject. They are not only good cooks, but also excellent performers in bed.
In bed you will run the race of your life. The lady will m@an,call you sweet names, squeeze you and make your worst version look excellent.
5. Somali
If you haven’t had time to do a thing with a Somali woman, please try today. This woman will literary cook you in bed, making you say ‘thank you’ every time she takes you to heaven.

[SIZE=7]Why Kikuyu and Kisii Women are Poor in Bed[/SIZE]

We have realized a good number of Kenyan men who are married to Kikuyu and Kisii women are complaining that their women are cold, boring, and dull in bed. We took time to investigate why exactly these two tribes are victims while other tribes are being praised even in Europe.
Below are shocking reasons.

Kisii women undergo FGM
It is estimated that over 80 % of Kisii women above the age of 20 have undergone the infamous Female Genital Mutilation, making them unsuitable for marathon s@x.

Any Kenyan man married to a Kisii lady, who has undergone through this process, can confess that she is not as adventurous as ladies from Luo Nyanza and Kambaland.
For your information, the main reason a man marries a woman is s@x,and if the man cannot get it, he will look for pleasure elsewhere.
FGM is the major reason why more than 70 % of urban Kisii men are married to other tribes, leaving Kisii women in the cold.

Kikuyu Women wander a lot during the act
Because they have so much to do, it’s rare to find a Kikuyu lady just thinking of the act even if the man is on top. As the going is happening, she is at the same time thinking of money, plots, bank account, njahe, children, car, pastor etc.All this things will not make a woman settle, thus making her less adventurous, boring and cold. In most cases you hear them say,”ukimaliza uniamshe”.
Type of food they eat
There are specific food you can eat that can make your organ dry, warm, delicious and with a lot of friction. If you are not tight enough, a man will get bored and eventually lose interest in you. This is the situation many women find themselves in.
The ore you add weight, the more you become less flexible. A man needs flexible woman especially when he wants to enjoy to the fullest. Many Kisii women are not flexible enough. When the game starts, her work is open the l@gs and leave the man to do everything,…, which is demoralizing.
They are only interested in children, not the man
Once a Kikuyu or Kisii lady gets birth to the number of children she wants,the issue of men and s@x will fade away.S@x for her is a formality,as she directs 99 % of her energy on children. The end product is boring,cold,and poor s@x.


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