Tribal inclination at work

I am in a team that comprises members from diverse backgrounds.
I have noted that when new hires from a certain community join they tend to listen to the seniors who come from their tribe more than the rest of us.
It has also been noted that those who qualify for an interview in the section headed by the person,majority are from his tribe.
Is this tribal thing coming to corporate world too.I thought it was a govt only disease.
Sasa itabidi nikunje mkia.

Hao ni wa Kalenjin.

where have you been since 1960 …isn’t this the norm in african countries… ?

its the norm in most companies. People of the same tribe kwanza wale wamegrow ocha tend to hangout together

Ni waKisii.

Or waKamba.

Ma mungich

Ours has deteroriated.It is not the norm.

You are right,dept karibu ikuwe ni wao tupu

Tribalism is in our DNA.
Will take a few generations to eliminate.

Tribalism at its root is a self defense mechanism;
so the more fearful a community is the more tribal it tends to be.
Fear or Flight response at work.

Which is why ukabila is prevalent in mildly educated individuals, and is also present in low IQ educated individuals as well.

It’ll take a lifetime for people to learn their true enemy is their ego, on your deathbed will you truly realise you are your own devil and your own god.
Your choice, tik tok

I lost two contracts/jobs(after starting) last year due to them kambas , they are snakes. I never used to take tribalism seriously before but since then nimewaweka radar Sana…
They are schemers,wanapenda kujipendekeza and will bad-mouth/straight up lie to get you into trouble. Be careful sana… they may plot to replace you with one of theirs

Tuandikie hekaya murwa na utubwagie.

Kisii’s huwa hawafichi.They only employ their own,buy land and look for their own to be neighbors,if it’s shop, hardware/timberyard… still will always buy from their own,kanisa ni ile moja ,pub za wakisii zimejaa wakisii,hoteli ivo ivo.mkisii akijenga same .
They will only do business with others when that void can’t be filled with one of theirs

Who will be there for you when you are down, mostly your tribe man. If you do not help one of your own, who will help them and others are helping their tribe men. But it is not a good thing to sabotage others so that you can replace with one of your own. But majority do it because they are insecure.

That is not the issue,infact that should be encouraged,but at work where competency plays a big role,tribalism should not be encouraged at all.Soon during out departmental meetings Kamba will be the official language

Pambana na Hali yako boss, always remember it can always get worse no matter how bad the situation seems okay?

Once upon a time i introduce my friend (we known each other for less than two Months) to my uncle, later on he asked me the tribe of my friend and a said i dont know. He was very suprised!

To be honest i mostly dont care to know the tribe of my associate, this somehow helped me a lot though in election time i take my family to Tanzania the Country that i live for fifteen years during Moi era when my father escaped Nyayo/special branch death wish!

When I was newly employed my employer sent me to a meeting with a client, a Christian NGO. The boss wasn’t in but came later and found me talking to his assistant. From then on things went segemnege. In the boardroom the boss was so rude, almost calling me names. He did not even want to hear anything from me. The man was a kama. I wondered why the idiot behaved like that and I thought he probably was screwing his assistant. And to think the bastard was in a church-based NGO.