Tribal animosity in Kenya is too much when will vote based on principle

Yesterday I explained to a UDA supporter why I have supported Raila since Moi days, she was very passionate about her candidate but she could not tell me why she voted for him. She was voting against dynasties and Raila not for her candidate. Anyway, I think we made progress bcz she wished me and Azimio the best.

2002-Dynasty(Moi and Uhuru) vs the rest of Kenya (Kibaki)
2007-Luos and Kalenjins and rest of Kenya (Raila and Ruto) and against Kikuyus(Kibaki)

2012/2017 Kikuyus plus dynasty(uhuru) and Kalenchin vs Luos and the rest of Kenyans

2022 - Luos and dynasties vs Kalenchin and Kikuyu aka hustlers

Hamujachoka na hii cock carousel Wakenya.

For me I think I have hit the wall. I think from now presidential candidate I’m voting for Wajakoyah and the other elective representatives because even this Mwaure who is a clergy I don’t trust him. Staki headache. I’m now tired. Kama munataka kutupa inchi kwa Dustbin let me help you by voting for Wajackoyah.