Treysongz overrated but hii ilikuwa kali

The song ‘You can’t be my girlfriend’ by Scarface(watu wa ol’skool wanamjua) feat trey songz who is singing the hook/chorus.
It got those nuggets of wisdom like all songs of yester years.Sample this…
'And trust me,I tried to be a one woman man,But for every one woman,there’s a man home man Saying,“Damn,I done spent six years in this shit,The first two was cool and then the bitch just flipped…”
“But you can never be my main boo,we can remain cool,But we can’t be seen and for this I can blame you Because you got more miles than a F-350,You been ran through, and I know for a fact you got history,But since we met, I’ve been hearing your name in certain circles…”


Heart attack ndo huninyc

Hii ndio mi hupenda , dint know the nigga has so many songs , nime shanga while i looked for this one !

That song is timeless. He was prophesying the shenanigans of today’s relationships. Scarface is among the ‘last of a dying breed’.

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Respect a legend brare fool

Foko jembe umeona say ahh

Can we- SWV, takes me way back.

My block hio track hunibamba and the video was dope

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