Trevor Ombija exposed by Emma Too club belongs to a mumamaz

Wah. Hawa vijana wa siku hizi be out here flossing with their sugar momma club. Of course muluhya could not take opposition from a woman so he went full throttle for Emma Too trying to show like she didn’t own the place . Only for her to turn tables on him and tell him to stop acting like he was the owner while the real owner was his mumama. Sugar babies please avoid going public when you know that you may expose and embrace your sugar mummy. These sugar mummies do alot for their sugar babies but they need their privacy. Now the poor woman has been exposed by Emma Too. I’m sure her friends be like with all the money is Trevor Ombija the best sugar baby you can get? Avoid embarrassing your sugar mummy please.

@Lionheart ni sugar baby ya @TrumanCapote

@Mlinda lango naye ndiye huwalamba rasa wakimaliza

Trevor is not a kijana… born 80s isn’t young but a man.

Emma too washed up model granny trying to be relevant , mefii yeye

Relevant juu she wants to be able to sleep with out putting on ear plugs in her own home?

Can you see why black men are chimpanzees? If you were a white man you would be outraged that a woman can’t live in peace in her own home but being a monkey all you can say is that she is a granny. All the more why she needs peace and quiet.


Those are alien concepts only known to idiots of your ilk

Lipua yeye kabisa!!