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The men’s replies though, aki wanaume hawana huruma. Imagine what a woman must have gone through to reach this point.


How can i remove the name of the father frm birth certificate ya mtoto…

Simply take a rubber and rub it out. Weka whiteout. You can remove the name but DNA is permanent. Inauma lakini itabidi uzooe.

Just get another baby without a father and register without the name.

Ungemsukuma asimwage ndani wacha kutusumbua

You can do everything but you cannot unfuck the fucks he fucked you adi ukamwaambia ba8by

First of all unfuq him…

Whom did you consult when you opened your legs wide?

Rudisha mtoto Kwa ovaries na utafte another sperm to fertilize the ovum

The day u opened your legs wide we were not there ngangana na hali yako dada

Aim high! Your fellow women are thinking of how they can remove millions from our Accounts wewe unafkiria Kutoa kajina kwa birth certificate hhhhhmmmm polee Sana.

Si nlisema you avoid fuckin the wrong people


Makena ukinisafisha mesho i can remove coast from ivory

for a person all about that single life, unafuatanga maneno ya couples sana banae