Travelling to Rwanda

Was there when they were commemorating ‘Kwibuka’ and for the entire week everyone closed business and they went to the stadium to listen to speeches. The airport became my refuge for food and wifi the entire week.

Hahahahahaha sitaki kukujiwa huku. The details may be incriminating.

Bar za huko?

No Primus and Skol are beer brands kama Tusker na Pilsner za huku kwetu only that they are in large volumes 750ml to 1 litre. They are brewed in Congo.

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KBC bado iko?

Chukua lessons za kitu yaitwa kunyaza will change ur bedroom life.thank me later.


hii kunyaza inawesa googlika?

tafta club 250 but only on fri. thank me later

Oh yes.but si unajua practicals ni muhimu

Be careful with the ladies there if she accuse you of rape 6months without bail. Their men are afraid of them. Take one on me.[ATTACH=full]48846[/ATTACH]

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Was there when they were commemorating 10 years after the genocide. The place didn’t close down. Was able to get around and do my things unhindered.

just keep your mouth shut on things kagame and the genocide