Hapa lazima nifike pia…

is it just me ama ukipanga trip na watu wa nairobi they bail out last minute!?

Yea man, kazi yao ni ku hype vile mtaenda then they bail out, that’s why most of my trips I plan alone but leave open doors for any of my friends to join me.

So frustrating!!!

I tend to plan with 2 or three folks then leave room as you’ve said. Wenye watakam wakam.

Same here its either I go alone or with one othot person, sipendi mzigo ama derailment

Aah nice…like minded people here

@Nefertities check this out…

Enyewe this country ikona unseen corners that are Simply Magical. I Love Kenya!

Mpango ikitokea mko watu kama fifty, D-Day watu wameleft kama zile groups za wedding committee:D:D:D:D…