Travel: Nairobi to Cairo

Looking to take a flight from Nairobi to Cairo. For those who have done it or heard someone talk about it , what’s the better option; Kenya Airiways or Egypt Air?

I’ve never been to Egypt, but anytime there’s an alternative to KQ, I do take it since it’s cheaper for me. I’m kind of bottom of the food chain so there’s that. I love my Home country though

They are both Ok if final destination is Cairo - of course you need to do cost comparison, plus I perceive the service standards in KQ have gone down. If you are connecting, then it is better to use Egypt air. There was a time I connected to Sharm El Sheikh and we had to get a long van ride to the other terminal - but organised by Egypt Air.

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KQ tends to be more expensive than it’s competitors on almost any route

Egypt Air it is quite cheap and services are OK. I have used it in the past

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