Trapping Women & Keeping Them In Your Basket

It is normal for men to chase after women and GET REJECTED. But when you succeed and win a woman, what is the easiest way of keeping her as yours apart from spending on her?

There is a street saying that goes, “Nothing confuses a woman more than a broke guy with a good dick.”

That is exactly what happens. If you are a good fucker, I assure you that you will bag women and they will remain in your basket. I am a witness of this.

Mimi siachangi dame kabla hajamwaga, and they keep on yearning for my bedminton. Hata wengine wenye nilitupa kitambo huwa wananiomba. So, ensure that you satisfy your women and see how they will keep on coming back to you, even if you don’t have money.

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Wake up from your dream…as a teenager i assumed my deek was enough to make girls happy…and i was right…but as you grow you realise women will only be interested in your " good game" the first few nights…after which they will go out and look for someone with deep pockets. Dont ever lie to yourself that a good deek will help you keep a woman…maybe a whore…but even that whore will use you as a dildo as she does serious shit with a loaded dude somewhere else…and by the way she wont reproduce with you if she figures you have no future…to her you are just a play thing


You have a lot to learn. Good dick will not keep you a woman. Develop ambitions if you’re broke. Working towards them will keep a woman. It’s natural instinct in women to look for security, whether physical or financial.


The only way to keep a woman is to have both good sex and a lifestyle. Even then, she will still cheat if a dude who is better than you in one of those comes along. Human beings, both men and women, are only as loyal as their options. You can be a local baller but if some corrupt governor wants your bitch, you will probably lose 9 out of 10 times because you can’t compete. Likewise, you can be in pretty decent shape physically but some handsome casanova will just edge you out.

The best strategy is to marry a plain Jane and then cheat with hot women. You already know that you are the best man she can ever get. Extremely hot women (women who can replace you easily) are rented not wifed.


Hiii good dick only impresses women over 40 whom their husband have no time for them or ED is starting to set in

Young women will leave you in a blink of an eye kwenda kwa passenger seat of a white Mercedes Benz with a two minutes guy and do anything to get his seed apate financial benefits while your good big dick will be a booty call …hehehe


A good deek will get a woman spread her legs for you anytime you want.Am not bragging but @Minomolokanyunja s deek game is international.There is one particular woman he had been deeking so well that he could show up at her her place any time of the night bila kuulizwa and its not like she is the girlfriend.Boring weekends akipigiwa simu analeta pussy home bila swali.Fast forward many years later alipewa ball na someone else but bado akiombwa pussy anauliza tu 'your place or mine


You have a good idea.

Does serious shit with a loaded dude. Serious shit gani hii unaongelea?

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For the time being wacha sisi bado tukule. Maneno ya for keeps and forever tutapanga siku ingine.

Terrible game. You keep laughing like a flattered dude who’s too grateful to have a chic on your arm.

Also, I told you to lose weight, and to throw away those white trousers with skidmarks

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And why would I game a woman mwenye naeza kula hata kwa store ya mahindi. And also dont call me bro.

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Why would I call a fat fuck like you “bro”, especially if you’re not my brother?

Improve your standards and stop wasting time on filthy women. Lose weight, brush your teeth and don’t forget to clean your ass

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Kwani junior secondary Iko midterm?


admin umepromote hii grup Facebook ama nini?

Vitu zingine wachia mwanamke aseme banae…

So You are Just a “Walking Dildo” ?

Wakukujia shtick pekee. Nothing concrete, nothing serious. Na ati ako na Fiancee. Huruma tu

Clearly you are chatting yourself up.

Acha jokes buda. Hiyo Ni convo ya last month Sasa how am I chatting up myself

Forgive him. He’s never had a chic fuck him freely. Lazima he spends money first. The result of being a fat smelly guy.

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