Transport Business Has Gone to the Dogs


life changing seminar?
itabidi aamue kuingia hasara kama anajipenda

Huyo ni mkisii aliamua ku-book Ena Coach juu ni ya gwatu gwa nyumbani. I’m sure there are several more efficient options but ukabila ndio ili-influence decision yake.

You are able to pick all that from a Facebook post?

My sentiments as well.

It was Eng’iti who wanted to come to Nai for a witch doctor’s seminar.

Yaani anachoma fare kuja kuskiza fake gurus…kwanza nashuku ni izi MLMs

That is a horrible situation.
I also have experienced the awful feeling when I cannot travel from one city to another one especially when I was pressed for time and had a really important appointment. SUch companies just don’t care about their clients and about their reputation. I believe that it happens because of lack of competition. However, there cannot be any competition when the demand is so low. So, transport companies do what they want to do and they don’t care about your plans and feelings. The company allows booking, because it wants to make the money, that’s it. They would better get the money rather than not get and the will have no reprecussions for the fact that they didn’t keep their promise because they will still have the clients as there are no other companies in that region which may offer the trips for such price.
Surely, they can optimize their timetable and make fewer trips to Nairobi because it is clear to everyone that it is absolutely non-profitable to make the trip with one passanger on the board, but in this case, people will be able to plan their trips to othe cities.