Transport biz as a side hustle

Hello Ktalkers,
I have a station wagon car that I use to commute to work. My work is mainly field based and so I’m sometimes required to take a taxi. I use the taxi money to fuel the car and I have realised there is potential in commercialising the car. Whereas my job does not pay that well, it’s quite flexible as I spend about four hours at work every day. I want to use the car to run a side biz such as transporting merchandise or farm produce, but I have no idea on how to start. Can someone advise me on transportation based biz that I can engage in with a capital of Sh50,000.

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Position yourself with that 50

No idea but you can join the FB group digital farmers kenya and advertise you have a station wagon that can transport produce to Nairobi. You could target farmers from Kiambu county and the surrounding areas etc as you learn the ropes and pricing pole pole. all the best

Have you tried uber or taxify?

Station wagon kama hii??

Your comment is highly appreciated. Your idea is also great. Thnaks.

This might not work as I use an older car while taxi haling companies require a car of 8 yrears and below. Moreover, Im not based in a big town.

Tafuta soko ya kitunguu na uingie kimana au name lock ubebe kwa shamba ukisupply.

Watch out for my Hekaya next week on How to use your car