So thru out my ‘holiday’ I will be,up day and night chopping as Jan niko na,my PhD eggsams… Nani ako na Mimi in this botheration tupeane moral support coz,my sleeping time will be strictly 3 hrs. Support grp. This shit is hard. Cant wait to be done. I will go on a 2yr cruise! This is the reaol grinder! 3 more hrz of chopping to go.

At least leo usiku Sacco has been opened past midnight. Time stamp 00:41 :D:D:D:D

Insomnia is real time stamp 01:07

Exam kwa PHD? First I’ve heard.

Leo nimejua hii kijiji imejaa watu hawawezi saidia especially if they think you’re not a peasant.

Laleni unono mafala.


What’s the problem?

In at 22.34 my end @Meria Mata…will be with you kesho in mind as you lay Shosh to sleep. Nindageria thimu but I appreciate you are busy. All shall be well.

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0134Hrs ndio kutema veve… Kusafisha macho kiasi ndio usingizi iingie



niko ngangari kama mkia ya Corazon kwamboka

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Haha…I have a problem with my watch. It’ in the technology section. Let’ not revisit.

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[ATTACH=full]145942[/ATTACH]tuko workshop trying to see whether we will be reach [ATTACH=full]145943[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]145944[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]145945[/ATTACH]


Apana tambua science congress

How will that work, the printed PCB Layout and etching are opposite? that cct board looks spoiled to me… Ama ni mimi sioni poa?

After the initial 6 months lessons, there is a single general exam paper ( not exams as purported somewhere :smiley: ). Then followed by pure course work

oh yeah i saw the post and the way the sore butts waliichangamkia. pole.


Are we talking about a Masters or a PhD? First i’m hearing coursework and exams for a phD

PhD, yes there is a general paper which covers the breadth of the different disciplines involved, and contrary to common assumption, it also has course work :D:D

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