Transgender Trans humanism Agenda satanic as exemplified in Baphomet

Perversion of God’s creation is the devil’s Forte. It’s ushering in the Anti Christ Era.

Heshimu baphomet ,jeengeer!!!

Kapoti let me ask u. If a human being is born deformed that is with the two sexual organs. Is that really satans agenda?

Intersex is different from transgender. By the way most intersex or hermaphrodite do not do hormonal treatment or surgery to be a certain gender. It’s normal males and females who may appear more masculine or feminine who do this. Transgender is a satanic agenda bcz he wants gender to become non binary instead of male female mutually exclusive binary gender. The other thing is that Satan’s agenda is to do away with CIS gender and make gender a preference like he has made homosexuality a sexual preference rather than a sexual deviance or sexual perversion the same way there’s a move towards making pedophilia a preference rather than a perversion. That’s the essence of Satanism. Pervertion. The bahomet is half man half beast, half male, half female like the Nephilim were half human and half angel and God had to wipe them out through the flood during Noah’s time. Everything Satanic including sacrifice is a pervesion of the one ordained by God. Let me show you lesbian couples and you explain to me why one looks like a man and the other a woman. Why don’t they bothook like males or females now that they claim to be homosexual. Why ape heterosexual couples.