Transgender Man walking naked in a women Spa.


Kahuni maisha is …fill in the blank

Surely nini Hua mbaya na hawa mashoste? Like @chap who got expelled from high school after being caught live live by the principal wanking on the teachers dining table during preps. after that he became a full tranny… Smh

Obama completely phucked up the USA with his forcing homosexuals on everyone via executive decisions and compromised congress. mara homos can go into womens toilet, Trannys can serve in the army with entitlement

Yaani mfanyabiashara ako confused ukikataa Tranny aingie womens spa unapelekwa kortini legally , ukikubali Tranny aingie mboro out flapping unawekwa kwa TV umeleta predators kwa Spa . huyo Chinaman anashangaa sasa afanye aje BLM ya Obama mdio hio nje ya SPA

i think americans should never vote a black person as POTUS again . worst president ever Homoobama. Jamaa was all about figting for homos rights and did zero to improve the african race both in the USA and outside, its like homos birthed him

These white cunts for sure are attention demanding whores

:D:D:D:D:D its unraveling all this preferred gender and pronouns shit will come to bite the U.S. in the ass

:Dthe spa owner is double screwed… side with the woman, the retarded rainbow community brands him a misogynist. these homosexuals are a cancer in the community

This fag thing is becoming too much. We can’t breath

Oya, umenitaja mara tatu leo on different threads with the general theme being ushoshte, hiyo ni ungwana kweli?


Those faggots should be rounded up and thrown to labor camps.

Sijawahi elewe vitu zingine, if you have a penis you are a MAN, ukiwa na vigani wewe ni FEMALE. Hakuna any other genders

Total madness. :D:D

It’s crazy that I find myself agreeing with the transgendered person because of the rampant social conditioning going on in this country. What she’s doing feels offensive, but we all know she’s right.

Wbcs and phagocytosis

so youd be comfortable with a man pretending to be a woman swinging his penis infront of your child?

These wazunguz r weird. Try swinging ya joystick some where in africa

I wouldn’t be comfortable but I would keep my mouth shut and vow never to return to that establishment. We have a staffed office for LGBTPQ+ people at work and we’re constantly inundated with materials on how to better serve this population. They are legally protected which means any form of discrimination is just as bad as acting kkk towards black people. You saw how the spa owners didn’t budge, because it’s the law.

The lady recording sounds like a POC maybe that’s why she has the courage to speak, because her status as a black + woman (she’s doubly oppressed) shields her from the consequences of her words.

Recently kuna mwingine alifanya surgery akasema yeye ni Korean.:smiley:
Hii ndio ubaya ya kuwa far-left.

This thing imekuwa religion to liberal wazungu.

Meh… Slaved blacks and murdered reds, what goes around comes around.