Transforming the Kenyan economy-Industrial highway

The newly formed Kenya Kwanza government is offering mountains of promises on how they will change the fortunes of the country. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Only time will tell.
This month, Doyen, Nabii, our beloved leader has been to two grand launches of industrial companies, Devki in Kilifi and today Twiga Foods in Kiambu.
Without a doubt, if Kenya want to go the south Korean, Singapore, or Malaysian way, they MUST embrace industrialization/manufacturing for local and export goods. This is the avenue to create jobs, increase demand for decent housing and uplift the purchasing power of the masses, while also earning revenues for the government and reducing our balance of trade.
Unfortunately, few of our billionaires are inclined to invest in this sector. They still want to buy land, build gated communities, buy shares of established companies, and deal with government tenders and bonds.
A close look at the top management of the two companies our president visited shows domination of Indians/white faces/foreigners. We need our rich people to change their culture of investment while we also try venture into small scale production and processing, instead of always thinking plots(50x100) as investments.


Kuria hakuwa Kiririmbi jana akipiga hii Twiga Foods for charging 3% daily traders wakikosa kulipa within 3 days of supply? @sani ambia hawa watu wako to get their story together