Transferring Data

How can I transfer data (contacts and messages) from a windows 8 os phone to android os phone


Contacts weka kwa SIM card, messages hapo sijui

Export all your contacts to your Gmail account. There is an SMS app called SMS Backup Plus, download it and sync it with your Gmail Account. Back up all your SMS using the App.

Now go to your android phone, download the same app and sync it with your gmail account, then restore your SMSs and contacts.


Apana tambua windows phone.Bruare fwakin


V. True. Hiyo ni ya ma peasants. Very useless phone.

I asked you a question yesterday

You got IT help from a female are you proud? No disrespect Chloe

who says girls cant be better than men in tech, i kwn of a girl 17 shes an aspiring IT practitioner and shes great and when i say great i mean like wonderful

She’s taught you some IT tricks?


Download Superbackup from Windows store. Backup your contacts, calls and sms and email the backup. Download the backup on the Android phone and restore. That’s it.

Aendelee vivyo hivyo. Maybe bado ako high school but training herself in programming stuff.

what is the sense behind transfering messages zenye alreadty umesoma?

Tumia bongo we have a lot of online clouds this days bana.