Traits of leading African countries, Kenya included

Misri: Uchafu and spitting all over
Rwanda: Cleanliness and difficult to read
-Kenya: Unbridled promiscuity and corruption
-Uganda: Heavy drinking and extremely crafty
-South Africa: African capital of Street violence and Ngeta
-Ethiopia: undignified arrogance
-Nigeria: Wacha tu!!!

Ongezea kibra for its flying toilet globally.

Clarify on Rwanda’s difficult to read.

Tell us something new.

Look at Chicago, the blecks blame the whites. Blecks don’t like taking responsibility.

Blecks keep on blaming slavery and genocide. Chinese were victims of Japanese genocide, Jews victims of Germans etc

Why are the Chinese, Koreans, Indians successful in the US despite being minorities? Coz hata Yuess Africans wako na Ukabila ile seroius.

i find south africa safer than kenya