Training Day

Pale Mukuru kwa Zukabaga bado jeshi inapewa training ya Fisiology 101 na kunguru. Some men never learn. Who the fuck pays rent/schoolfees/dowry/anything meaningful for a woman without his kid/s? Mtaendelea kufunzwa na ulimwengu a.k.a kunguru:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]159373[/ATTACH]

Kunguru ni kunguru. Kuwa na watoto is not a deterring factor

Kunguru akiwa na mtoto/watoto wako, ukimsaidia utajua watoto wako wanasaidika indirectly. Kunguru hajakuzalia kumlipia any major expense ni blunder kubwa sana

It is said (I forget where or even the context) that as sure as night follows day there will ALWAYS be an endless supply of stupid people.

The only expense ukilipia kunguru ni kusaidia watoto indirectly wako ni rent

Yeah, like @Mathaais


Wacheni wivu, she knew what she wanted & went for it, PERIOD!

He f*cked up and he knows it

This is true


Kwa nini unacheka?

Maathaiz sweep.:smiley:

But even his English lakini… If a girl is pregnant with a married man then we expect a married man to be born 9 months from now.

It should be “a married man’s baby”. But i guess when you’re dumb you’re dumb all round.

This thing called LOVE makes people do the most stupid things and at this moment they are blind and deaf to any advice given to them.

Don’t blame them.

Just understand their stupidity.

:D:D:Dor they’ll go to maternity together

Hahahahahahahaha boss kuwa mpole.

He should count his losses and move on. There are bigger fish to catch anyway.

Na kwani ni mtangazaji wa njata tv ama hyo icon iko hapo kwa xtrail ya @culture inasema aje:eek::eek::eek: