Traffic Saturday Edishen.

There is crazy traffic between Gitaru and Kijabe .Kama unaenda hizo sides nunua njugu za kutosha na mayai boilo.Thank me later.If unatoka pande za Thika road heading to Naivasha or thereabouts tumia ile njia ya Mang’u and join the highway at Flyover .The scenic road through the forest.




Oppo comes with Aromat. iOS all the way

Thanks for the update. However, my travels will be done January. Now I just relax.

Is this road safe usiku? Have they fixed the potholes? I was once late from nakuru and contemplated using it

Maybe you can try it during the day and tell us?

I did mine last weekend of November I traveled to see my in-laws. The following weekend which was the 1st of December I traveled to see my parents. Now I can relax here in the city, scratch my balls and down pints of beer with no worries.
Be smart, be like Mathaais.

Watu wa kuchoma maize pale kijabi wako job !
cc. Mama saitan. A K A Mrs muriithi

inlets zote za town clogged like crazy…wildbeast mentality and am one of them:D:D

ION nmekwama apa fig tree nasafisha mecho lakni jua ni mwooto saaana:mad:

Very very smooth save for wildlife on the road that at time get interested to know much about your car and some sharp bend both on the forest and in the coffee estates

haha that picture was taken by a google pixel phone [MEDIA=twitter]915637439162605568[/MEDIA]


We know you. Tunajua ukoapa

hio jam ni wazimu has taken me 4 hrs to nakuru

Teren, teren.
By the way folks in Nakuru and Eldoret should seriously petition the government to have an SGR branch from Naivasha through Nakuru to Eldoret. We need that shit in those regions. CC @spear.

A lot of car hires on the road and you all decided to travel on Saturday. Predictable Kenyans. SGR branches will take off once the main line Mombasa to Malaba is done and SEZ industrial plants completed. There is a private SEZ coming up in Eldoret. Once its done building a line from SGR Narok or Bomet to Kericho to Nandi to Eldoret will be possible. However it can’t use the current lunatic line that goes right through RV. Its too steep, it needs a line that avoids it completely.

He, he, mimi niko Nairobi enjoying my drinks reading posts of how folks are stuck on the roads.

Mi naona population ya NBO ikiwa constant hata sioni ikipungua yet na hiyo Massive exodus. Tumejaa ii mtaa kama india

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Nilikaa kwa jam 5 hours.