Traffic police and motorist exchange blows



The man went ballistic when the police officer called him kihii. He has a meru accent.

In Dholuo we call that rage ‘mirima’.
If you do anything to get even the most mild-mannered man to that point you have gone too far.

You don’t fight a cop…you can’t win…no one has ever won…police, journalists and lawyers are born winners…fight politician’s, pastors na waalimu…ukitaka kujua, uliza Alfred keter na muhindi wake

polisi gani huyu piga mtu risasi

That’s a good cop…self defense. And later gave him first aid.The guy should face the law for destroying government property and attacking an officer on duty.


No you don’t.

Mimi kitu najua mwanaume akitoa machozi unakimbia na kukaa mbali.

Ni traffic ngombe hii

Nyenyekea…has always worked for me

mzee mjinga tulia i know .Umeweka bet ya ngapi sportpesa

That’s a good cop, he was pushed to the edge, responded apappropriately na akapea hio meffi first aid, any sensitible head ataona the "victim " is actually the Noogle on the wrong.

The guy looks like he is drunk. Huyo jamaa is not sawa. You never fight a policeman in Kenya. The consequences are never good.

KIHII tunatambua ni @Tiriitiondo pekeeee

@ Jakoyo hebu weka rink ya TPDF male officer rAped by boda boda rider in Tz.


…Not many people will get this joke

Jamaa anatoa ukali halafu analia kama kihii?