Traffic jam in Nairobi to be a thing of the past. Master plan

The Nairobi Regeneration Committee has proposed car-free days, Wednesdays and Saturdays, in the Central Business District and Westlands in a bid to decongest the city.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, who is a member of the committee, said the proposal is part of an ambitious initiative to tackle the problem of congestion in Nairobi.

On Wednesday (jana?), Nairobi County executive in charge of Roads, Transport and Infrastructure Mr Mohammed Dagane said that the move will boost the culture of using public transport in the capital city.

He added that the move will get a boost as the bus termini where matatus were supposed to be relocated to are already complete and the relocation of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) from the city centre will be done by the end of June and will coincide with the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT).

I don’t even have a car , what I need ni vile wanaweza nsaidia ata Mimi npate tender ya nys to become a millionaire

I told u these people make decisions when having dinner with their family members at home. Now what is this?

jirani ngombe wewe

Ng’ombe zinapropose car free days na wao bado watakuwa wanaingia tao na fuel guzzlers zao? Millions paid in sitting allowance only to come up with such garbage “ideas”.

si idea mbaya sato watu wachape stroll tao

Idea si mbaya saaaana, lakini hao wakubwa wenye wameisuggest, watalead by example kweli? Alafu hii Kenya yetu yenye mtu hukojoa chini ya warning ya “usikojoe hapa”, nani atakubali hiyo idea? Iyo haiwesmake.

Idea mbaya ni kuongeza basi zingine na hawaongezi barabara

Its a good idea, but public transport should be sorted kwanza then this will make sense.
Then watu wa ngeta pia to be kept in check.
Going the kigali way may help people to start thinking differently

They should charge 1000 kupark gari Moi avenue, Kimathi street etc

Or even 1500 uptown, 1000 downtown with hourly rates for delivery trucks. This alone will work wonders

June is not that far off, let’s wait and see if this works or if it’s a harebrained scheme.

Ile idea ingine ya kupaint Thika Road na yellow lines ati special lanes for buses was abandoned mid stream? He he he

What happened to the BRT idea of Thika road? Or was it a way of someone eating from the painting contract?

i know a few guys whom walikafunga na hii project…#TANOTERROR

:D:D:D funny regeneration committee. If These people don’t have concrete solutions they should resign and let others take over.