Traffic alert

Bad accident has just occurred at Blue post Thika between a fuel truck and a saloon car. Traffic jam building slowly. Beware as you approach.

Waah! Hiyo truck iliingia sana pande ya saloon car, kwani side mirror hakuna?

bonobo driving always in a rush to go nowhere. Hope everyone’s fine.

Chifu kumbe unaskuma matatu mos mos endelea tu ivo dereva

Hiyo lpg ni Mali ya Mohammed Jaffer

Kuna kitu inaitangwa blind spots kwa truck.
Even with side mirrors deree cant see

Niaje Mzee kijana?

True dat

So how does it apply here?
I expect the blind spot to be behind

@ChifuMbitika is pretending he didn’t see this comment.

I saw it. I will answer tomorrow since I am in a serious business right now with my fellow birrioneas

Blindspot 101. Kaa mbali na lorry

The saloon car was in position indicated…hii insurance inaeza mgeuzia wakiamua

Looks painful, I hope the occupants survived

Hope you have seen diagrams and images za Tom Mbayeye

Meria, wakati unaendesha msedes si wale mnapaswa kuchunga sana ni femeo drivers? Hao ndio ujifinyilia kwa blind spots na kadudu

Waa that’s super serious. I couldn’t imagine the sides. I think I need to drive a truck

All very dangerous.
Especially the one where a truck driver cant see under his windscreen.
@Tom Bayeye weka hio video please

My advise you see a big msedes keep distance and when overtaking do it very fast.
Never ever drive parallel to it.
If on a round about acha iende tu ama ikuangushie container vile nitaangushia @ChifuMbitika hapo ole sereni

Very important.

Ghasia kojoa ulale

Apana umiza hii mzee ya kwetu