Localcryptos…trade bitcoins to kshs and also buy bitcoins.

Hii soko crypto is overpriced. Kenyans with greed.

Bad reviews heri kwingine :frowning:

According to you ni gani poa. Coinbase iko aje.

Coinbase iko kabisa but long process.
Tumia Coinomi wallet, ukitaka kuuuza use, amazing platform.

I thought coinbase just lists prices… which local bank card can I use to buy crypto. Equity told me they don’t support after numerous trials.

localbitcoins gives you an option to buy from mpesa

Hio coinbase ni hectic kuregister. Any other alternative poa ni gani.

U can’t send BTC to localbitcoins uless you’re verified. Now verification process is the quagmire… who here has verified account?? lately it seems impossible!! now I am stuck with bitcoins I can’t cash out!

Coinbase ama localbitcoins?

Coinbase nimejaribu kuregister imekataa.

I don’t use coinbase, I use Coinomi wallet.

Paxful is the best since it supports a wide range of payment methods including mpesa na rates zao ziko poa sana

Local bitcoins is very disappointing I Found new best exchange with good market prices and doesn’t require verification hassle. jus cashed out easily today fellas… bitpasha is Kenyan best exchange to mpesa…check trust pilot for reviews