Tracking area cultivated by a tractor.

So I got this tractor working somewhere in south rift at the moment. It is ploughing season. I only got a gps tracker fitted that gives me an approximate location of the tractor.

It seems the guys who I employed to work on it have been eating quite a chunk of what is getting in. For instance I know a while back they had a contact to plough 50 acres but they only remmitted from 30 acres. which means walinyanyua almost 60 k.

That got me thinking, is there a device that can give exacly the footprint, I am sure it can be developed because it seems in other countries guys are using a similar technology in ploughing and spray application.

I’d like something that can give me an approximate area the guys are working on.

Nimechoka kutafunwa.

If your GPS tracking device is able to give a historical record of all it’s locations in say one minute intervals, that would help.

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ushawai jiuliza mbona kwa hoteli inaandikwa pay to the cashier only?

Job kama hii yako ni ngumu kuitrack.

before you get the tech and adopt it look for another management method coz i don’t see how you can be losing 40 pc of your revenue and continue being solvent…

It only gives me instant location when I poll it. Now if there was an application that could say poll it every minute then based on that calculate the operational area it would work well for me.

On average they do 10 acres a day, which is enough to cover all my costs and have a premium of 8 to 10 k.

But on large flat land, you can do up to 25 acres per day, which I guess is what happened that time.

I think technology is the only way to catch up with these guys

There is this gadget fitted on the axle of a vehicle to record the distance traveled. Odometer? Odograph? [ATTACH=full]23340[/ATTACH] Can’t that help?


Yeah, i bet using distance tracking gadgets is far way better than using a gps (they got quite a number of challenges), halafu being physically keen on the business is an important aspect than relying on technology


@kwesta shida ziko zimeisha. Plough his land for free.

Track the mileage. An approximation of how much distance the tractor covers per acre would help.

Not foolproof though.

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[ATTACH=full]23351[/ATTACH] There are tracking apps that give accurate distance covered, time and speed.

Hii watakuwa wanatoa when they want to do side hustles.


vile amesema…

There are tamper proof odometers! So many companies use them! Plus the GPS gadget he is talking about to give him the location of the tractor.


GPS can be very accurate. Get a good device.

There are GPS with the functionality of giving you the area covered. The only problem is that you need to do this after the ploughing. If you can combine locational tracking devices with such a GPS (Garmin) then you’ll definitely reduce this theft. More accurate devices will be too expensive.

@kwesta we might have a solution for you. Get in touch…

install an online webcam that will transmit a live feed of what the tractor is upto

How will he differentiate mileage covered when the tractor is ploughing and mileage covered when the tractor is travelling on a road?

No idea. That’s why I said it’s not foolproof.