Where can i get tp link routers in bulk at an affordable price here in nairobi.

Enda side za luthuri. there’s a shop they sell these devices at a fair price

That’s one useless accesspoint/router. Rather you top-up small amount and get ubiquiti for accesspoint and Microtik for a router

Wewe umesoma swali ?? he want in bulk, so ni biashara.

I concur hizo TP Links ni sumbua tupu,we phased them out from our entire network at jobo & replaced with ubiquiti after they started acting up by some being rogue dhcps & zikishida zikikosa kuconnect unless uzime uwashe atleast once a day

Much appreciated sir. Would you know the likely price per piece ndio niende na open mind.

Thanks for the heads up but for this case the client asked specifically for those so in this case i get to stictly to that.

But advising the client isn’t a bad idea as well…

Wewe unajua pseudo-IT Manager yule amefanya accounts? He will show you that he knows what is doing, so you get him TP-Link or you ship out.

:smiley: alafu mashida zikianza utashinda ukisumbuliwa ati uliwauzia “vitu mbaya”

Exactly…you need to create value for your customers. Don’t just do work for the sake of it, make some quick cash and leave them suffering. Trust me if you decide to support those routers(is it routers or accesspoints?) you will need to camp at your customer’s office

That’s the problem with our culture, you give someone without qualifications a job just because he is family or friend. Total upuss.

@syndicate come kiasi na unirishie za mecho