Toyota Wish pros and cons

Am looking forward to buy a Toyota wish - what are its pros and cons. For the same price range of a wish, is there a better car than wish?

A wish is just a wish if your are wishing for a wish.

I think the pro and cons will mostly depend on what your car needs are, for 1.2 - 1.3 m you have many choices, and for the class the wish falls under, every other car manufacturer most likely has an option.
As long as a car fits your needs, I don’t think kuna gari mbaya.


why not honda stream.

:slight_smile: saidia tu, hata kama swali ni mingi

anabuy wish ju ni toyota? …1.3M unaweza pata hata honda crv 2009 …or ka a renault mbichi

He wants a wish you baboon. He doesn’t want options.

Honda stream or Mazda Supremacy

Ouch,didn’t see that coming

dont waste your cash the worst vehicle i developed some frequent engine knock sounds the day niliunda niliuza only 26 months old plus was really unreliable… i was literally pissed off

true, for that amount there are options, sometimes people only talk of toyota because thats what they know and have been told its the best of all cars.


For locally used toyota cars, the wish is one car I would be very careful when buying, considering they tend to be misused alot, that one and the sienta, plus of course the probox, guys tend to use them for ‘biashara’ purposes.

mcooshite kwenda Kunia kwenu afmadow

Honda stream is an option .

In that class, as mentioned above you also have the mazda premacy, the honda odyssey might also work, though I think it comes with a bigger engine, which I would prefer for a seven seat wagon, also the subaru exiga might fit, also out of that class the other options might be the xtrail, outlander or an older crv.

For that amount I would go into car yards and test the different cars and get one that suits the situation.

Subaru Exiga is ugly a.f

Wish is good because it is spacious and it is a Toyota. Otherwise, it has a weak body that wears very fast making the value depreciate within a short period. Consider the other options mentioned above.

Nunua Isis. Hiyo gari inakaa tu jina yake. Ama Ipsum