Toyota will die like nokia

For Not adapting to changing trends

Fake news, check Research and Development budget and projects zao

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Honda ndio hunishangaza. Design zao ni weird, (awful) if only they employed the guys who do the Mazda design language, they would outsell Toyota in less than a decade.

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Upus analysis. The reason nokia died is because they introduced symbian OS to their smart phones at the time android and ios ndio kusema kwa OS za smart phones. In terms of catching up to technology Toyota are upto date. They have a line of electric cars which is the future. They surpassed Volkswagen as the biggest manufacturer of petrol driven cars in the world. Juu ya hio story. Meffi yeye. Arabs walinyimwa rights za kubuy toyota shares ndio wako na mauchungu kama yake


Ummeffi hearsay. Right now Toyota has developed an EV battery that runs for 1200km after charging for one hour. Their advance on future electric cars is unmatched elsewhere. Plus they have been doing great on hybrid cars. Zoea Toyota uishi miaka mingi


Anything not Toyota is crap bullshit. Long live the king. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

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Bull Crap

Wewe ni wazimu honda sells like hotcake ni North America market. Kwanza ukipata honda accord V6. MarkX na crown will see dust. Na usiniulize nilijua aje?


Subaru inakupeleka aje

toyota dominates africa, asia, europe, na Americas… cheap and reliable…

I’d like to hear a solid(er) explanation then "it is not catching up to its time.

Landcruiser sales alone are mad out here even before looking into the Lexus market. The legend of the Camry in America is almost unrivaled.

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Mungich, let’s settle the sales argument by pitching this simple graph that’s available in Bloomberg and other reputable sites.


September 2022.

That said, while Honda and Otoyos are not purposely built for drags, tracks, or even muscle, some of their products punch above their weights in those categories. Umesema Honda V6? Inatoa Kilowatt ngapi total? In that case you can consider using Mark X 350 RDS, for an apple to apple comparison. My humble opinion.

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Enigma hates watu who debate na thorax hii design.Ameulizwa swali simple anajibu vi arrogant aki hype negative vibe juu walinyimwa rights za ku buy shares za toyota.

So which continent have you left out? Down Under.

If there is one continent that worships Toyota, its that one

Toyota will simply buy any trend you can think of.

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Where is your black Navara Kanono?