Toyota vs Tesla


Tesla wataOna dust in future

The cheese has moved for Toyota. Let them give us electric vehicles like Tesla. Gasoline is so yesterday

When big boys notice you, then you’re on the right path

Tesla has the first mover advantage and advanced tech. Toyota has brand recognition and infinte resources to pursue an electric future at cost.
But Tesla’s design language will always remain more appealing.

Toyota brand & unlimited resources is no joke

Tesla will catch up, after all they have the recipe.
I drive a Toyota so I am not against it, I’m saying the only constant is change

Yea. Toyota is a behemoth of a company. Imagine wakona dealerships all over the world. Those are ready sales outlets for their electric cars.
Meanwhile Tesla is battling legislators for the right to sell directly to the consumer. Hawataki dealerships. That means kuna corners hii dunia hazitawahi ona Tesla, yet zinatambua Toyota. Noma

If corporates didn’t learn anything from the fall of Nokia, then they’ll never learn anything. With that being said, expect Toyota to join in that race with cheaper vehicles.

True. I just hope that they’ll build good looking ones. Hio Prius hata kama huwa best selling hybrid is one ugly mess with toy-sized wheels

Tesla is at least 5 years ahead of everyone else in the electric car industry. 0-100 in less than 3 seconds? 600 mile range? A 40 tonne truck with faster acceleration than most family cars? Self parking, semi-self driving cars. A car that you can summon to come to where you are if it is parked in a tight spot? No one is catching Tesla any time soon. At least not within the next 10 years.

Ghasia stick to zile smokie zenyu za nyandarua.

Cant wait for Mr Toyoda to twaddle about this Kiira kayoola kitchen:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]333395[/ATTACH]

Nigerian 419 sCARm

Morrocan “what-the-fcuk-is-this-sheet” car[ATTACH=full]333397[/ATTACH]

Things are looking up

Distribution na coslty manufacturing ndio zinawamess. Though just as Sandy Munro pointed out, their processes have improved. Sahii if wanaeza increase manufacturing output, bei za gari zao zinaeza shuka, alafu waestablish distribution channels na charging infrastructure. That’s their main goals at the moment. Geopolitics zinawadrag behind, na a bit of funding.
Meanwhile akina Toyota have a smooth path to the front

Tesla will never ‘move out’ of murica for toyota it will be globally …FACT

Bonobo shidako iko wapi? Izo gari ziko tu sawa, compare na ile yenyu ya mayai. Shienji ana

tesla is not the first electric car. in fact, many people were skeptical of Henry fords obsession with gasoline because they thought that electric cars of the time were the future. it just didnt play out well.

Let’s be honest. Hakuna gari whether electric, internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell, turbine, hata jet-powered that can compete with the Tesla Roadster. No matter which car you propose, if you put it head to head against a Tesla Roadster in a cost-benefit analysis, the Tesla will come out tops by a considerable margin.

Correction. The reluctance was because steam cars were the standard. They were quiet, clean, and run on mature technology.

Toyota was never left out. It is only that they bet on something different: the hydrogen fuel cell. Shifting from hydrogen fueled cars to electric is a minor feat since all they will be changing is the power source. That said, the hydrogen fuel cell could be the technology that will stop Tesla.

all those advantages plus more will be standard in an electric car(you can refer to iphone),the big boys also have advantages that will take tesla a few years to catch up with. The problem with tesla is trying to do everything in house that creates a very big problem when you are scaling yet you competition has vey well established supply chains and crazy turn Around times brought about by experience in the game. That said I’m a big fan of elon musk and all his companies. The guy is a proper legend.