Toyota Vitz wins 2021 WRC Safari Rally



Na apa nkiambia mafala kama @Miano M. ati Toyora Passo ni moti ya maana hawaskii

Huyo njamaa Ogiel kwani ni Ogiek?
[SIZE=1]asking for kijiji ya wazee?[/SIZE]

Wacha hizo ,the only thing Toyota gr Yaris about that car ni body shape pekee …everything else ni serious mods . Nice car though

Kwani hio Subaru foresta yako ndio umejidanganya ni rally car ya ukweli? :smiley:

Halafu umenyonga exhaust ilie kama 12 cylinder.

Wacha upatwe na marabou stork @Bingwa Scrotum na hio toy ota yako.

Subaru walipiga marketing ni kama hao ndio wenye Rally

Toyota Yaris

Usidhanie ni yaris ya kawaida. its a reinforced frame one with custom racing suspension and a racing powertrain. almost any car can be used. Ian Duncan used to race in a modified landcruiser j70 and would win many times. A regular j70 would not win any car race except if its in a swamp.

The Toyota Vitz (Japanese:トヨタ・ヴィッツ, Toyota Vittsu) is a three- and five-door subcompact hatchback produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota from 1999 to 2019. The “Vitz” nameplate was used consistently in Japan, while most international markets received the same vehicle as the Toyota Yaris.

World Rally Cars are heavily modified in order to achieve maximum performance, but they are based on production cars. Also unlike the normal cars, WRC cars are capable of producing maximum outputs of more than 380 horsepower. Hii ni HP noma

Was surprised Mitsubishi EVO performed dismally.

Umerudi sasa Showroom ju ya Vitz, zoea probox, next WRC Probox ndo itawashow vumbi

Congratulations to the the Toyota GR team. Sasa tuuziwe Yaris by the hundreds of thousands. They have proven themselves fit for Africa.

ION, Toyota RAV4 does the unimaginable by becoming the best selling vehicle in the USA, handing a thorough beating to the Ford F-150 which has dominated the sales record since the 80’s.


do other countries also have such agreements ? just asking…

His Excellency Uhuru is working magic.