I was looking for an affordable off road vehicle to use around Nairobi in place of the Mark X which I find quite low, especially when doing bumpy roads.

My Kenyan wife (some call her ‘mistress’) has been scratching its ‘belly’ every now and it looks bad on it’s sides, imagine how sratches would look on a pearl white. By the way, for some of us who have been here long enough, you remember I had imported for her a VW Tuareg. Well, she totally messed up with the engine and I had to sell it to a friend at a throw away price- i literally gave it to him. That was when I decided to get her a cheaper SUV.

I was torn between a Mitsubishi Outlander, HONDA CRV, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Vanguard. I was very lucky to get a Toyota Vanguard 7 seater from SBT Japan at 14,825$ USD with a 46,722 KMS mileage- less kms than for many pussies in 047 . Taxes cost me around 600k and other port and clearing charges at around 100k and the insurer is asking for 115k.

I am flying from Entebbe to Mombasa on Wednesday to hook up with a chic I’ve hooked up in Nairobi for my 4 day 3 night stay at the South Coast.

Madam in Nairobi doesn’t know this arrangement, I decided to ‘surprise’ her with this small gift on Sunday evening, since angeniambia twende na yeye halafu aniharibie starehe pwani. What I know is that [SIZE=1]she will be extremely happy[/SIZE] once she sees me with her new beast on a Sunday evening with sagging empty testicles.

Will post once I pick it up and a few explicit pics from my hideout, I know last time I posted some chic’s nudes from Mtwapa, didn’t know the brother is a member here- karibu nimezwe.

Nice weekend peeps.

Do we live in the same country omwami?

omwami i really appreciated the pics last time , wachana na zile umbwa ziliongea mbaya . kindly weka your telegram handle nikuingize pale exclusive club urushe hapo mbicha . ahsande .

Peasants najua mko na maswali mnataka kuuliza. I’ve done you guys a favour. Msimame hapa kando yangu:D

You may have lots of money but possess a very empty head.

All that ni fertile imagination bila mbicha

Usisahau kutusafisha mecho

Enjoy your trip and small escapade omwami

Hehehe wakenya na kujicocha mingi

Iko mtu ameoshwa pesa champala @shoti_mzito niwekee ten k kwa ile line yangu ya safaricom ,learn to share with a brother.

Kampala hakuna hizo games, RISASI kwa kichwa mara moja. Though I reside in Entebbe. Nikirudi next week lasima nikutumie eshindu shititi

NV, relax. mavi yako bado hata haijafika sewage ya KT…

From the same country, but I reside in the ‘diaspora’…

Tulia baba mimi ni mblo ya @uwesmake

sawa khotsa

ulisa ujibiwe Terrence Hill

I understand you and feel you too. Being broke is not a joke bro, shikilia hapo tu - mambo itakuwa sawa sawa…

mbisha next week mbloo…

nadai rink?

Errand boy ukitumwa na yule Mnyanye amekuweka M7 land wacha kusumbua, mbwa

Serial wanker

That post was pulled down after the purported ‘bro’ begged and begged and begged admin to remove it

You seriously expect me to engage you? Umekula lunch kwanza kijana? Nukisha mdomo hukooooo mbali SLUTist…

Only thing ya maana umesema hapo ni kusafisha macho…hizo zingine ungejiwekea.