Toyota prius

Hi esteemed people . I have made up my mind for Prius 2013 model . What are your experiences . Pro and cons? Thanks

Why does anyone labor their minds off… then settle on a Toyota

Tayarisha mufuko,prius are not cheap

Prius is good, I tend to think it’s better than the insight

Be ready to replace the main battery after several years …then most mechanics aren’t trained to fix hybrids hapa mtaani… any wrong thing and the whole electrical system misfires .

Go for it dude…legroom awesome and general comfort too plus AC is powered by batteries so minimal fuel consumption. Watu watasema system itaharibika, ukifanyia nini in the first place? The modern world nowadays ni kama kijiji, you can buy spares online.

Prius is a cheap car bwana. What are you saying?

Go for it brother

Pardon us not all of us are car geeks.

There’s always a starting point man! it’s generally not advisable to jump into complicated over engineered German machine.

Don’t buy one, Toyota Kenya will sell you a new hybrid battery Kama the cost of ivory

Nice vehicle IMO. Get one from a good dealer who’s less likely to tamper with the odometer. Most of them arrive above 100k kms. The first step kuavoid a problematic car ni getting it from a good reputable dealer, cheaper is not always better.

Oh! and make sure the dealer shows you the terminals used to jumpstart (You never know. Jirani might want you to help them). If you do it directly from the “small” battery utaua gari. The hybrid battery wachana nayo kabisa. The battery is the biggest fear kwa hii gari but usiskize rumours za watu, sio kitu rahisi kufail. Insist on a ex Japan vehicle. They’re reconditioned and inspected before export. Ex uk na singapore wachana nazo.

After you have the vehicle, let it be routine kufungua bonnet na kucheck whats going on in there everyday. The coolant level for the electric system should never go lower than indicated, na always use legit coolant (Avoid maji kabisa).

Otherwise, its a really good, efficient and comfortable vehicle for tarmacked roads. Kwa rough roads hii utaimaliza

Spares ziko. Tembea kirinyaga road na model number. Pale duka inaitwa ‘Royal’ everything is quality na affordable.

Traction control on this model can also be a bitch sababu hakuna dedicated button ya kuswitch off but you can use the “power mode” button on the dash. This really helps in those sandy, muddy or grass fields pahali gari inaslip bure.

Finally, fuelwise its excellent. 40l tank capacity, gets me like 700kms. And thats not even on eco mode.

I may have typed a little bit too much on this reply but feel free to ask any specific questions regarding this vehicle. I’d very much vouch for it.

Very informative thanks

Its a battery bank and you can source the faulty one as a single piece if you don’t have the cash to buy whole bank…at $35 you can get a replacement

The same story we had when automatics came are the ones you hear pple having on hibrids…go for it they are so many already in the country

Shida ya kununua batteries in a piece meal manner,is you will pay slowly e dearly for software updates, labour costs and of course battery cost,just buy a non hybrid cars , especially older cars.

Kila nyani na starehe zake. I would prefer a big engine hibrid combination… Battery replacement is not a yearly affair. Takes ages before you consider replacing them

I also think, theoretically at least, if the battery fails, you will be fine with the 1.8 Liter engine although fuel economy will take a hit

it is not economical. Mileage itakuwa juu, because the first buyer will only sell it after consuming the good part of the juice. Battery price is like buying a new second hand car. Think long term