Toyota Harrier is the most underrated car in Kenya

I know they come with a stigma of being a aged Aunty’s car from Kiambu, but they are damn good cars. Especially the 2002-2010 models you can catch a steal at less than 1m.

You get a combination of luxury and power as well as suv capabilities. The engines are very solid. Very reliable.
All you will have to do is change the timing belts and a few minor things na uko sawa.

Very solid car.

I see people going for 4-5m cars saa zingine nashangaa.


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Bossman, uko na jokes kuliko Mungich peasant Alex @applebee100


Does your Mazda Demio have 220hp, Leather seats, sunroof …?


Wewe luxury and power ikakutomba usiku mzima utaamka asubuhi na hutajua nini imekutomba usiku.


Condomaster, what exactly is luxury in a car. Have you ever purchased a brand new car. Do you know what they brand as luxury upgrades.


Mazda demio huwa na mahaga fiti, the car can make you hard like a motherfucker


What, in your opinion, is a harrier’s redeeming feature?

They never fcking die…we operate one from 2010 and that thing only gets an oil charge, regular service etc and has never broken down .Toyota used to rebrand them as Lexus for export markets and they were definitely quality.



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I used to be singer of this practical car jive until I realized those cars are good and practical for a reason. They are always boring to drive, comfort is average and everyone and their mother has one.

220hp yes but accelerate is slow and it looks like a bunion. I’d rather have that 220 hp in a Golf GTI.


Very solid engine. It doesn’t break down.

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Now marry that to your thesis that a harrier exudes luxury and power and see how retarded your thesis is. Your thesis would only make sense if the car’s solid engine is a precursor to its luxury and power. No?

Condom Master. I find that many Kenyans do not know what luxury is.

Let me make this clear. There’s different levels of luxury. Is it Mercedes S class Luxury. No? But it’s better than your average car. It’s entry level luxury.
In fact that’s the difference between a Lexus and a regular Toyota. Utilize google in such situations @Maize_Combuster .

Iyo gari handling yake bure Sana kama umejaribu other vehicles. Gari haina good driving experience
Hata ungesema ya 2021 onwards

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I wish to remain with your main thesis; that a harrier is a luxury and powerful car to which you went ahead to tell me that the redeeming feature is a solid engine. Now show me the link between a car’s solid engine and its luxury and power levels.

They are independent of each other. You have a sunroof, leather interior… Do you know those are sold as premium upgrades in new vehicles. That’s the luxury part plus there’s a few more eg side
Impact airbags, rims etc

What vehicles are you comparing with?

@Kanguthi ridisha Harrier ya aunty yangu. Anataka kupatia kijana baro baro…aliniambia uko na ka boro kadogo na hakaamki

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Angalia bei ya grill.

Grill gani?