Toyota Fielder 2011 model

Hello members, what is the best price for Toyota fielder 2011 model, mpya?

Hiyo mwaka inamaanisha kwamba drivers seat imeshanyambiwa Japan.

Leta 1.3 .

That thing is ugly as fuck afadhali uchukue honda stream…

If you want a fully loaded version tafuta Fielder Z. Hio iko na sports engine and a higher trim level inside.

should range 1.0-1.3m

ni kama mjapanese alilewa akidesign ,nyuma inakaa kama avensis

You can also import through

how is a 2011 a frkn 7 year old car mpya??:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

What do people mean by ‘fully loaded’?

extras kama cruise control, reverse camera,dvd player,Bluetooth, chrome wheels, spot/fog lights door central lock keyless entry, push to start/stop ignination anything that comes from manufacture is better than aftermarket

To add to what @snapdragon said, fully loaded also is a relative term. So when a car is fully loaded, it means that within the market segment in which it competes, it has alot more features than other vehicles within that segment.

So for example, a fully loaded E-Klasse will have alot more features than a fully loaded fielder since they compete in different market segments and each market segment will demand certain features as standard. And in the same light, a fully loaded Mercedes Maybach will have a lot more features than a fully loaded E-klasse

Na usisahau kununua chain ya kuifunga jioni isiibiwe na watu wa taxi

Huo wizi extreme wa hizo gari I guess ni Nai pekee. In Nakuru and Kisumu am yet to see lots of ‘rivetted’ and chained side mirrors.