Toyota crown vs Nissan fuga

Which is the most superior btwn the two…they both look classic.

Same class of vehicle would go for the crown athlete 2.5 hybrid. Gari smart sana

Chukua Fuga. Competition ya Fuga ni Lexus GS. Crown is a great car but not in that category.

Both are great cars if you are using them in town only. Low ground clearance will piss you off if you go anywhere out of town.

Crown all day. Super comfortable and a proper acceleration to go along with it.

Toyota crown in gari fiti , especially athlete,fuga ni gari Bure Sana ,shakes and rumble s after a few years.

Crown is a flagship car. It’s a premium line so it one of the few Toyota saloon that retain the automatic.

Wacha bwana. Siku hizi barabara za mashambani ziko graded na zimewekwa murram. Ama kwenyu ni wapi huko bado mko na shida ya barabara?

Kwetu ziko kila mahali all the way to the gate of my parents house. That means nothing. Huwezi elewa if you have never owned a vehicle with low ground clearance. That’s one reason my mark X had to go. There are still many dirt roads, potholes, and oversize bumps everywhere except highways.

Kwenyu hamna bump zinatoshana Mt Kenya after every 100 meters??

Depends, for comfort, g for crown but performance and speed, fuga 3.5L

Huwezi compare nissan na Toyota. The only serious vehicle that Nissan made is the GTR supercar that only @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii can afford to buy.

Nissan Patrol ni meffi pia?

Iko chonjo but haifiki kiwango cha Toyota SUVs

Nissan na infamous transmission zake za Jatco kwanza uangukie Nissan ina CVT mifuko yako kwisaaa…Crown=Peace of mind [SIZE=1]nb: usisahua kuweka tracking kumi, nyororo za side mirror na bucket ya rivets mpangoni[/SIZE]

Bous, fuga ni premium car. Premium cars dont come with CVT at the moment. Hio ni for lower end cars.

Nissan rear-wheel drive transmissions are excellent as long as you keep up with fluid oil changes like any other premium car

Lakini transmission ni Jatco na hizo hata uwe makini aje reliability yake iko chini sana compared to Toyota.

I havent had experience with front wheel drive auto transmissions on Nissan, but I can tell you the rear wheel drive ones dont have any issue. Remember they are designed and mounted differently

Just buy both. Thread closed