Toyota Corolla axio E160 headlights don't have 'dim' option?

The car has daytime running lights (useless at night) but the nighttime headlights have no dim option. The only thing they have is a knob which allows me to lower or raise the main headlights. The problem is at night when the light are raised for best visibility on these treacherous Kenyan roads, oncoming drivers (understandibly) complain by flashing their headlights.
On the other hand when I lower them, my view distance on the road ahead is reduced to a few meters which puts me in jeopardy of driving over portholes, unmarked speed bumps, animals etc. I have thought of installing high power fog lights but, I cant drive without the nighttime lights.
What do you suggest I do?

As you said, look for good bright foglights which illuminate the road ahead of you at a lower level especially when you are dipping the headlights

Axios have dim light - just google

You may have a problem with your eyes when driving at night but with time you might adjust!!!

most cars have high beam and dipped beam. dimming sidhani.
nunua taa mpya ex japan alafu weka bulb kali. taa ikizeeka ni balaa. fog light haitasaidia saana.

All cars have both. Unless, and until they are rigged by under the shade mechanics.

The dude needs to google his problem. Most of us have computers but can’t search shiat…only use them for posting labish!

Fog light nliona husaidia, once borrowed a friend’s car, (Yake iko tinted windscreen) my vision at night is 70% so you can imagine my predicament,but the fog lights zilisaidia to mark the white line on the edge nisotoke nje, and pia sikuwa naweka high beam sana considering yake ni xenon, inakua mecho ya wengine kabisa

which buttons do we use to dim versus dip in say 2000-2012 toyota corolla. because i dont know the dim accessory in basic cars.

Hii ndio umeffi serikali inafaa kuingilia kati. Some of these cars with tinted windscreens install very powerful lights that blind you forcing your to get out of the road juu huoni, breaking your tirods and joints in the process. Na wengi wanakaa tu walipata D+ shule, juu majority are mechanics.

When you meet a guy with full lights on at night, weka zako pia if they are more powerful the better, the guy is forced to flash lights for both of you to dim. I give you 3 flashes, ukokasa kudim nakumulika ka kplc and you will be forced to dim atleast uone mbele

This is why we remain a 3rd World Country. Yaani sasa niende niongeze mataa kwa gari ndio tushindane kuchomana kwa barabara usiku na strangers, and cause more accidents. You need 3 hot slaps for this stupid advice.

Axio by the way ni hotcake. These days I hear they are not carjacking victims. They just rip-off the valuable spares, as you watch.
Several cases reported in Kiambu Cownty.

Some cars have more powerful manufacturer lights than others - don’t add mataa to a gari; its childish!!!

High beam and low beam does the same thing as as full light dimlights. Maybe umeeka windscreen tint yenye inakuzuia kuona poa usiku.but if not suck up and deal with it utazoea. Pia me kadudu yangu nilieka tint mzito usiku I have to open the windows to use the sidemirrors

nyini ni wale mnachange lane kama vipofu. I hate those tint drivers. alafu akipigiwa horn anashtuka anacause accident.

umeweka bulb gani?

Ooh come on…how old are you? If I flash you like thrice and you don’t dim, I just dim and reduce my speed making the whole scenario safer. Sometimes you will realise it was a lorry and its headlamps are high almost at your eye level in your small car so even when they’re dimmed they appear full

Wisdom detected!

Hakuna haja ya kubishana barabarani ilhali hujui yule dereva mwingine yuko hali gani au anaendesha nini.

True. When both of you cannot see clearly, you have doubled the chance of an accident. By dimming yours you have actually halfed the chance. Any time you are driving, always imagine you are the only one who is sober and all others are out of their mind

In my years in the road, lorry drivers have more disciple in the road than dudu (small cars) drivers.

Read my reply clearly esp on the part of lorries