Toyota Celica AWD from way back

I used to own a car with one of the best AWD systems, ofcourse that’s a Subbie, I’m not loaded enough to own a quattro, though I’ve heard they’re quite similar in performance. I know that statement will irk the German masin owners but I do come in peace, and I stand to be corrected. @wheelz are you the Erick with a CK?
Anyway, during one of the Subaru boys meetings, some ninja felt the need to open his mouth and say Toyota did not have an AWD before procuring Subaru and stealing their technology. While this is true to the amateur drivers and wannabes, I had to leave the group immediately, for I could no longer sit and listen to such kind of sacrilege. As a kid, I had witnessed Celicas being flagged off by Moi at KICC, spin all their tyres vigorously out of mud, which later I learned they had an amazing AWD like the one below

My point is, a Quattro is something worth to think about at some point in life.

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You can’t afford any of these cars you stupid fool

I own a wheelbarrow. You wonna steal it?

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