Toyota auris Vs Vw golf mk6 1.4 tsi

Which of the two cars listed above is better in terms of
1 reliability
2 fuel consumption
3 performance
4maintenance costs
5 safety

I am torn between the two. I intend to import one of them for use in town.
I will appreciate your views

For the same budget you can get the much reliable Nissan Legtrail. Fuel consumption is next to none…umatched in its class.

Mazda Carol with twin turbo, tinted windows and aerial,

hahahha u cant be serious… na sijawai elewa how na y some one is soo willing to change someone mind…? considering uyu mtu ame piga research ya chenye ana taka aka baki na only 2 msaidieni kuchagua either si kumwongezea na idea nyingine juu yake

1,2,4 Toyota wins outright. Performance the auris is a boring car to drive, kwa safety sijui

The fact that you asked, just stay away from that VAG 1.4 engine. 1.8 or 2.0 is fine.

I drive an auris, 1800cc. Nice and spacious ride is all I can say. A little light when you speeding without any luggage

If it has no Turbo then iss not a kah!

It’s important to always have a spare momo in the back while speeding to counteract the heavy front of an Auris.

2018 model

If I were in your shoes I would ask myself do the 2 cars fit in my daily commute if yes then you can go for any.
Make sure you don’t come back here in sixty days asking for spacers, sump guard, heavy duty springs and other items to improve ride height.

Tupende tusipende twincharging is here to stay.Infact most of VW family car engines are now between 1000cc to 1400cc .Kuna Golf za 1000ccTSi

It seems like Toyota fired the designer responsible for the front of most of their cars and whoever stepped in was from fishing expedition.

Auris 1.8L, 147hp
Fewer problems and good performance. Its a small car 1.8 will feel okay. for the speeds we do in kenya and our terrain, the larger engine will outdo the smaller (1.4) turbocharged one. high torque in low rpm to dash through traffic and to manage hilly terrain well. again the golf is likely to be heavier. the 1.5L wont feel okay because it will drive like a regular axio.

Kuja kidogo halafu uone kama utarudia hiyo maneno.
Ng’ombe hii.

Turbocharge all you want.
Fact is, there is no replacement for displacement.

He can also get a black mamba. These clowns that ask such questions are actually looking for VALIDATION. They made the decision long ago.

I’m possessed by turboso_Oo_O