Toxic/Narcissistic Parents/Family Members

You know your parent is toxic when they are asking you to bring them weed. Forget about kuleta kikombe ya maji, some parents ask their kids to bring them weed. What if they get busted? End up in jail? Some people just have kids so that they can have a personal slave to guilt trip into doing even criminal things for them. Ever heard of the adage, my mother is a travel agent for guilt trips?

@TrumanCapote niaje mware habari ya muaka mpya.

Poa. Nikusoma BBI tuu.

Ukimaliza ulete summary in points form.

Shiet, and you wonder why some people grow up broken. Seriously, parentage is not just about giving birth or impregnating someone

Skiza huyu jamaa ako na machungu sana. I didn’t realize that some parents were this negligent. But I like the way he reasons and that he’s not bitter.

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