Tourists at the Coast to get police escorts. What about locals? :-(

Tourists visiting any destination at the Coast will be escorted by armed multi-agency team to ensure their safety.
Police bosses in the region assured visitors that they will be protected whenever they leave hotels to various destinations as security is beefed up at tourist sites and across the borders with neighbouring countries.
“Following Nairobi’s attack, we have carried out various operations across the region where we netted people who have been arraigned in court for various offences,” Coast regional police commandant Marcus Ochola said.
Tourism players termed the Nairobi terror attack as an act of cowardice and condemned the incident as they assured tourists that security has been enhanced.
The World Tourism Organisation has also offered Kenya its support. In a tweet, the organisation said it will enhance efforts for African tourism.
“Tourism is a lifeline for Kenya bringing one million plus visitors annually,” read the tweet.
Kenya Coast Tourist Association (KCTA) and the Tourism Federation of Kenya assured visitors that Kenya was safe.
Federation chairman Mohamed Hersi said all means of transport have been secured, including the standard gauge railway connection between Nairobi and Mombasa.
He assured industry players that they will be updated on any unfolding developments through the federation safety and security centre.
KCTA chairman Victor Shitakha said some 250 hotels at the Coast have beefed up their internal security mechanisms.

Complete waste of resources. D- thinking.

You would think they would beef up security for the whole region so that even the people who pay for the police salaries through taxes (the locals) can get more security.
This is a slap on the face of locals.

They do that often.

Washenzi walipe ushuru ya kupatia tumzee security wakiwa sex tourism.

This will have the complete opposite effect of making the country look like some sort of war zone. Imagine visiting a country on a holiday then beings escorted by a land cruiser full of Ak wielding police.Also white people extremely value personal space and the ability to move around without feeling they being monitored or different from the locals. This a very bad idea. Hakuna mtu anapenda kufuatwafuatwa.

What they should do is improve security on tourist destinations while greatly securing major roads and hotels.This will also make the city more secure on the bigger picture.

Not the way to go, tourists will just opt for other countries. Who goes for vacation with armed security on the tow? You meant to relax on vacation and not stress on your security.

Wrong move indeed. The police will scare away the tourists. Let them hire undercover police to operate as waiters, cab drivers, tour guides, and beach-boys.

In somalia you need an armed escort kwenda coffee shop

Sasa visitors to Mtwapa and Casablanca pia watapewa police escort? “Officer, wait here I get a shot. Hakuna matata!”